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Friday, April 6

Workshop: The Natural presents The Wonders of Fermentation, with Andrea Wheeldon beginning at 7:00 pm at Natural - Health Store (18 Main Street, Warkworth, K0K 2M0). The diets of every traditional society have included some kind of fermented food. Europeans consume lacto-fermented dairy, sauerkraut, grape leaves, herbs, and root vegetables. The Orient is known for pickled vegetables, sauces, and kimchi in particular. Farming societies in central Africa are known for porridges made from soured grains. Studies are now revealing the importance of not only a balanced diet, but one that is rich in probiotic bacteria. Many aspects of our health depend upon a vibrant inner ecosystem, and the good news is that we can develop that ecosystem through the things we choose to eat and drink. Join Andrea Wheeldon from The Living Kitchen as she introduces you to the taste, science, and benefits of fermented foods. For more information please visit

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