Artisans Centre of Peterborough seeks Seeking Volunteers For New Free Festival

Date:Until Friday, September 13, 2019
Location:    Artisans Centre Peterborough (993 Talwood Drive, Peterborough)
Organized for seniors, by seniors, the Creative Hands On Festival will be an opportunity for retirees to pass along the craft or hobby they are so passionate about to others. The festival will preserve and promote hand craft skills and hobbies allowing retirees and the general public to learn something new or refresh an old favourite pastime. This volunteering opportunity will appeal to those retirees who enjoy crafting by hand or would like to support our local arts and craft community. The project provides training in how to provide social media for community organizations and teaching skills related to craft instruction. There is value in this volunteering opportunity. It will bring retirees together helping each other, increasing socializing, stimulating body and mind, all of which makes retirement life fun and invigorating

For more information visit www.creativehandsonfestival.ca, call 705-775-1797, or email .