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Friday, March 23

Concert: Performing Arts Lakefield presents Motus O Dance Theatre beginning at 7:30 pm at Bryan Jones Theatre, Lakefield College School (4391 County Rd. 29, Lakefield, K0L 2H0). Prisoner of Tehran is an engaging TRUE story of teenage Marina Nemat. In a unique collaboration between Marina and MOTUS O, this synthesis of a dance, theatre and lecture event deals with social justice on the theme of Oppression and Freedom. It is a multi-disciplinary performance based on Marina’s best-selling book “Prisoner of Tehran”. Marina Nemat was born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, she was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution. She came to Canada in 1991 and has called it home ever since. Marina’s book “Prisoner of Tehran” has been published in 28 other countries and is an international bestseller. This performance work is an exceptional engagement piece for high school students and the general public providing the opportunity to discuss the social and political landscape of our contemporary world. Cost: $30/adult, $10/student or $130 season ticket/adult, $45 season ticket/student. For more information please visit

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