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Ottawa keeps lid on company names, dollar amounts in some COVID-19 contracts

The federal Liberals have given companies more than $5.8 billion in pandemic-related contracts for personal protective gear and medical supplies.

U.S. astronauts who made first splashdown landing in 45 years talk about their experience

Two U.S. astronauts who were the first to ride a commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station and the first to make a splashdown landing in 45 years, are sharing their experiences with the media Tuesday afternoon.

Canada's Bianca Andreescu will defend U.S. Open title

Canada's Bianca Andreescu will defend her women's title at the U.S. Open, but defending men's champion Rafael Nadal said Tuesday he will skip it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lord & Taylor files for bankruptcy protection, plans to close all 38 stores

Venerable U.S. retailer Lord & Taylor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday, becoming the latest in a growing list...

COVID-19 vaccine won't be a 'silver bullet,' chief public health officer says

Canadians shouldn't expect a COVID-19 vaccine to be a "silver bullet" that will bring a swift end to the coronavirus pandemic and a return to normal, according to the country's chief public health officer.

'I saw people flying': Eyewitness describes horror of Beirut explosion

An eyewitness to the huge explosion that shook Beirut on Tuesday afternoon, shattering glass, toppling buildings and burying countless people under rubble, told CTV News that 'it was terrifying.'

'You have to go by the cases': Fact-checking Trump's remarks on COVID-19 deaths

A fact check on breaks down U.S. President Donald Trump's comments about the U.S. COVID-19 death rate during a recent interview, in which he underplayed the high rate of deaths in proportion to the population, by comparing it to the number of confirmed cases in the country.

Social circles of 10 people will likely last until 2021, Ontario premier says

Social circles of up to 10 people will likely be sticking around until at least the new year, Ontario Premier Doug Ford says.

Even if there's a vaccine, pandemic may persist for years to come: Tam

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says that vaccine or not, health officials are preparing to deal with the presence of the novel coronavirus and prevention of further spread for years to come.

'Too many are selfish': U.S. nears 5 million virus cases

Fourth of July gatherings, graduation parties, no-mask weddings, crowded bars -- there are reasons the U.S. has racked up more than 155,000 coronavirus deaths, by far the most of any country, and is fast approaching an off-the-charts 5 million confirmed infections, easily the highest in the world.

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Government recoups $19.5M after selling G7 summit vehicles first bought for $23M

OTTAWA – There were no big tent events, employee pricing offers or inflatable flailing tube men, but the government managed to sell 575 cars in 2018 and 2019, after buying them for just a few days as part of the 2018 G7 summit. The sale of 575 vehicles brought the government $19.5 million after it initially spent $23 million to have the vehicles for the two-day summit. ...

Three men stranded on a remote Pacific island wrote a huge SOS in the sand, and it worked

Australian and U.S. military aircraft have rescued three sailors stranded on a remote Pacific island, after spotting their giant SOS sign drawn into the sand on the beach. On Sunday, a helicopter from Canberra spotted the sign on Pikelot Island, next to a makeshift shelter where the sailors had been stranded for three days. Rescuers, after landing on the tiny island to chec...

Trump once more wishes Ghislaine Maxwell 'well,' and says Epstein may have been killed

In an interview with Axios political reporter Jonathan Swan Monday night on HBO, U.S. president Donald Trump once again wished accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell “well.” Maxwell was arrested recently in New Hampshire, and stands accused of facilitating pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ...

Nearly three out of four Canadians say virtual conferencing tools an 'excellent' alternative to interacting in person

OTTAWA – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly three out of four Canadians say virtual conferencing tools are an “excellent” alternative to interacting with people in person. From the sound of it, in-person meetings and events may still be a long way off for many Canadians. ...

North Korea has 'probably' developed mini nuclear devices to fit ballistic missiles: UN report

UNITED NATIONS — North Korea is pressing on with its nuclear weapons program and several countries believe it has “probably developed miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles,” according to a confidential U.N. report. The report by an independent panel of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions said the countries, which it did not identify, ...

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