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Emmys 2020: A glitch-free technical triumph and thrilling Canadian comedy sweep

It was a historic night for the 72nd Emmy's, in more ways than one. Canadian comedy Schitt's Creek swept the comedy awards, while HBO's Watchmen and Succession won big over streaming juggernaut Netflix.

Liberals say a new climate plan is still in the works despite pandemic

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says he doesn’t know why it was suggested recently that the Liberal government had shelved a green recovery plan ahead of Wednesday's throne speech. But he says he is working on an “ambitious” climate plan — just as the Liberals promised during last year’s election.

Lessons from New Jersey's 'millionaires tax' for provincial governments: Don Pittis

A state where historic tax reform contributed to a taxation “race to the bottom” is now trying to collect from the rich to give to the poor.

HSBC handled $4.4B in suspicious money: ICIJ investigation

A 16-month investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has found HSBC, Canada’s largest international bank, has handled at least $4.4 billion in suspicious money, something it faced charges for previously.

Woman suspected of mailing ricin to White House arrested at U.S.-Canada border

Three U.S. law enforcement officials say a woman suspected of sending an envelope containing the poison ricin, which was addressed to White House and President Donald Trump, has been arrested at the New York-Canada border.

What is ricin and how dangerous is it? A look at the poison sent to the White House

A Canadian was arrested Sunday evening at the New York-Canada border, according to U.S. law enforcement officials, under suspicion that they had sent an envelope containing poison to the White House -- the latest development in a long history of attempted poisonings using a deadly toxin called ricin.

Quebec City elementary school closed for two weeks after 25 people confirmed infected

After a major testing operation, a Quebec City school will be closed for two weeks after 20 students and five staff members tested positive, authorities say.

Ginsburg's impact on women spanned age groups, backgrounds

The pop culture status that Ruth Bader Ginsburg found -- or rather, that found her -- in recent years was just a side show, albeit one that amused her, to the unique and profound impact she had on women's lives.

Woman accused of sending ricin letter to White House arrested

A woman suspected of sending an envelope containing the poison ricin, which was addressed to White House, has been arrested at New York-Canada border, three law enforcement officials told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Searchers find body of one of two teens missing after boat capsized off P.E.I.

An underwater search team has found the body of one of two 17-year-old boys who went missing when their boat capsized off Prince Edward Island last week. An RCMP spokesman says searchers recovered the body of Ethan Reilly at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Toronto Star

Ottawa says governments offering $500M to bring electric vehicle production to Ford’s Oakville plant

After months of discussion and pressure from environmentalists and labour, Ottawa has told the company it is willing to do what it takes to bring electric vehicle production to Ontario.

Rosie DiManno: The Blue Jays can breathe a bit easier after beating the Phillies. But here come the Yankees again

After six gloomy losses, the Jays saw some daylight even before Sunday’s win, with Matt Shoemaker set to return for the series opener against the Bronx Bombers and Nate Pearson not far away. And the magic number for a playoff spot is down to four with a week to go, Rosie DiManno writes.

Woman accused of sending ricin letter addressed to White House has been arrested, officials say

The woman was reportedly taken into custody at the New York-Canada border and is expected to face federal charges.

U.S. conservatives blame the left-wing governor. Liberals blame Trump. The Oregon residents who lost everything in fires are in the middle of America’s 2020 left-right divide

Politican tensions over the fires’ origins continue to blaze along with more than 100 wildfires in America’s west.


The Emotions star Pamela Hutchinson, who sang Best Of My Love, dies

The Emotions star had been suffering health problems for several years, her family say.

Thailand protests: Plaque calling for royal reform vanishes

The bold symbol of opposition to the monarchy was gone a day after it was installed.

Emmy Awards 2020: Seven highlights from the ceremony

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe's reunion delighted fans during the virtual Emmys ceremony.

The tech putting the beef into Australian cattle farming

Why Australia's huge farms are increasingly relying on technology to monitor their livestock.

No crowds as Taj Mahal opens after longest shutdown

The iconic monument was closed in March to halt the spread of coronavirus.


Could Australia's coronavirus lockdown strategy be a model for the US?

When Daniel Andrews, premier of the Australian state of Victoria, declared a lockdown over the coronavirus, some detractors on the right labeled him a "dictator" and said he was trying to build "a gulag."

Opinion: The Dems' response to RBG's death should terrify Trump

The full political impact of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on Friday and Donald Trump's rush to fill her Supreme Court seat has yet to emerge. But if you don't think these events have the potential to energize Democrats to possibly record election turnouts in November, you probably haven't seen what's going in the Democratic base.

Nebra sky disc: Prehistoric star map's Bronze Age pedigree in question -- by 1,000 years

The Nebra sky disc, one of Germany's most heralded prehistoric artifacts, is often considered the world's oldest depiction of the cosmos. For a relatively small object -- the gold-speckled disc is only 12 inches wide -- it has produced a large amount of controversy.