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Hassan Diab calls for release of report on extradition that sent him to French prison

Hassan Diab and his supporters are calling for the immediate release of the findings of an external review into the Ottawa university professor’s extradition to France over his alleged involvement in a 1980 bombing outside a Paris synagogue.

'Life after shame': Hidden camera victim lifts publication ban to empower other women

A Winnipeg woman whose ex-husband broke into her home and installed hidden cameras in the walls of her living room and bedroom has lifted the publication ban on her name in an effort to confront the shame she felt after the incident.

What you need to know about rabies in Canada

The death of a man in British Columbia who came into contact with a bat is a reminder to take precautions with wildlife. Here's what you need to know, according to public health experts.

Infected bat 'ran into' hand of B.C. man who later died from rabies: health officer

A 21-year-old man who died from rabies after coming into contact with an infected bat on Vancouver Island this spring had a brush with the nocturnal mammal in an "unusual" daytime encounter, health officials said Tuesday.

House condemns Trump's tweets as Pelosi decries president's 'racist' attacks

The U.S. House of Representatives voted in favour a resolution on Tuesday condemning U.S. President Donald Trump's racially charged attacks on four Democratic congresswomen.

Winnipeg Youth Choir wows with rendition of 'Lean on Me' in mineshaft

A video of the Winnipeg Youth Choir belting out a rendition of ‘Lean on Me’ in a mineshaft at the Cape Breton Miners Museum has amassed over 100,000 views on Facebook.

Police officer in 'I can't breathe' death won't be charged

U.S. Federal prosecutors said Tuesday that they won't bring criminal charges against a white New York City police officer in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner, a black man whose dying words -- "I can't breathe" -- became a rallying cry as the nation confronted a long history of police brutality.

Witness tells Calgary court he can't say who shot tourist on highway

A witness to the shooting of a German tourist driving down an Alberta highway said he remembers hearing a loud clap, but couldn't say who pulled the trigger.

Six-year-old girl dies after getting hit with golf ball

Authorities say a six-year-old girl has died after her father accidentally struck her with a golf ball.

B.C. man who died from rare rabies infection swatted bat away

Family members say Major was returning from a trip to Tofino in mid-May when he swatted a bat away on the side of the road.

National Post

House passes resolution condemning ‘racist’ Trump tweets aimed at group of Democrat congresswomen

Trump started the controversy by tweeting that the four lawmakers, all women of color, should 'go back' to the countries they 'originally came from'

Court hears challenge over conflict of fall federal election date and Jewish high holiday

On Shemini Atzeret, orthodox Jews forbidden from doing pretty much anything a busy candidate or engaged voter would want to do on election day

Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd on her Twitter ban: ‘Your instincts should not be to celebrate’

Twitter's decision points to deepening anxieties over what some people view as increasing restrictions on their right to voice non-politically correct ideas

Ottawa man says Dragon-boat festival CEO ordered him to remove Falun Gong shirt, citing Chinese sponsorship

Gerry Smith's allegations are the latest indication of Beijing’s low-profile campaign to influence Canadian society amid a tense diplomatic stand-off

Russia blacklists Canada-based Ukrainian World Congress, declaring it ‘undesirable’

Russia's prosecutor general said its activities threaten Russian national security. People who associate with the group could face fines or jail time

Toronto Star

Ford government urged to reverse child care cuts

Cuts impacting children and families called “a line we don’t cross in this province.”

Cornwall Island residents sue over border crossing requirement within Canada

Mohawks who live on the island must pass through a border point of entry when they travel to the mainland, even though their trip never takes them outside the country.

Poll suggests two thirds of Ontarians do not believe Doug Ford cares about people like them

Premier Doug Ford bills himself and his government as “for the people,” but a new poll suggests a majority of Ontarians do not believe he cares about people like them.

Ron Tavener ‘disabled’ by concussion, unable to testify at sexual harassment hearing

Toronto police superintendent fell and hit his head a week before he was scheduled to appear before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Spy agency warns foreign states with nefarious aims are hiding their presence in Canada

Signals intelligence agency told Liberals in 2016 that foreign actors developing more “sophisticated covers” to mask their control of private sector companies.

Toronto Sun

LILLEY: Schools to emphasize skilled trades

Stephen Lecce wants kids across Ontario’s school system to know that the skilled trades are a viable career path and not just something you can “fall back on.” The newly-minted education minister was at Toronto’s Humber College this week speaking with students in grades 7, 8 & 9 who are taking part in Skills Ontario […]

WARMINGTON: NCR killer escapes, flees country

Where in the world is killer Zhebin Cong? Somewhere around the Queen St.-Ossington Ave. area where he escaped from a mental health facility? Around the Don Mills home were he stabbed a man to death in 2014? Turns out this was a long-distance getaway! The 47-year-old — found not criminally responsible for what police alleged […]

LEVY: Forget cars in Toronto; let’s go back to the horse and buggy

At the risk of sounding cheeky, I decided Tuesday that perhaps the only way to get around this city — with this car-hating council and its gullible mayor — is to purchase a horse and buggy. I’m kidding. Still, councillors and Mayor John Tory provided more proof during council Tuesday that they have zero vision […]

EDITORIAL: No quick fix for hallway medicine

Health Minister Christine Elliott made the best of a difficult situation Monday when she said Premier Doug Ford’s pledge to end hallway medicine in Ontario within a year was Ford “expressing the wishes that we all have.” Except that’s not what the premier said at the wind-up to the annual premiers’ meeting in Saskatoon last […]

OUT OF OFFICE: Chair girl heads south days before court date

Just two days before her next court appearance, she’s apparently in a Sunshine State of mind. Marcella Zoia — the Brazilian-Canadian beauty dubbed “Chair Girl” after a video of her hurling patio furniture out of a downtown Toronto highrise went viral earlier this year — apparently spent Tuesday morning waiting for a flight out of […]