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Stars shine bright on Emmys purple carpet

The purple carpet lit up on Sunday as Hollywood gathered in Los Angeles for the 2019 Emmy Awards.

Banks tell dozens of customers they're to blame for thousands of dollars lost to e-transfer fraudsters

A Manitoba man says marketing that claims people are protected when they e-transfer money is misleading, after fraudsters stole $3,000 and TD Bank said he was to blame. Rene Trudeau is one of dozens of people who contacted Go Public about frustrating e-transfer battles with their banks.

Leaders talk financial relief, but Trudeau still quizzed over blackface scandal

Days after the blackface scandal rocked the election campaign, federal party leaders on Sunday appeared to be looking to move on, rolling out policies that would provide financial relief for voters. But Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau continued to face questions about the controversy.

Advocates hope Queer Eye star's HIV-positive disclosure helps break stigma

Advocates at a Winnipeg fundraiser in support of HIV awareness and funding are hoping the recent revelation made by Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness about being HIV positive will help break the stigma around and educate people about those living with the diagnosis.

Family of multi-millionaire who died mysteriously in Ethiopia searches for answers

Friends, family and members of the Ethiopian community gathered at a packed church on Saturday to grieve and remember Michael Gebru — a man they say remained a generous soul concerned a...

Emmys open with Homer Simpson, early 'Maisel' wins

The Latest on the 71st annual Emmy Awards, being presented at the Microsoft Theater.

United Auto Workers strike against GM may be headed to day 8

A strike against General Motors by 49,000 auto workers appears headed for an eighth day.

Trump suggests he raised Biden with Ukraine's president

U.S. President Donald Trump suggested Sunday that he raised former Vice-President Joe Biden and Biden's son in a summer phone call with Ukraine's new leader, as Democrats pressed for investigations into whether Trump improperly used his office to try to dig up damaging information about a political rival.

Liberals promise tax break for middle class, cuts to cellphone bills

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s blackface and brownface controversy, the Liberal leader made a stop in Brampton, Ont. on Sunday to announce a tax break and cuts to cellphone bills.

Florida senators want to let Canadian snowbirds stay in state longer

U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have introduced legislation that would allow Canadian visitors to spend eight months a year in the United States, two months longer than is currently allowed.

National Post

Trump suggests he mentioned Biden in phone call with Ukrainian president

Trump has denied that he has done anything untoward in his conversations with world leaders and had previously declined to say whether he spoke with Zelensky about Biden

‘Up to those people to make their own judgements’: Chrystia Freeland’s town hall cut short by protesters

Protesters held up signs raising issues such as Venezuelan independence while another at one point held up a sign that read: 'Save Yemeni Children'

Who’s speaking at the U.N. climate summit? Several champions of coal

Among the first countries to appear at the summit meeting Monday will be India.China will follow later. So, too, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kenya

WHO accuses Tanzania of withholding information about suspected Ebola cases

The WHO said it had received 'unofficial reports' that the woman had tested positive for Ebola but that one of her contacts in a different city had not. The WHO had received no information on a third possible case

‘An end to the era of Netanyahu’: Israel’s Arab party support backs Gantz in election

No party drawn from the 21% Arab minority has ever been part of an Israeli government. But an increased turnout saw the Joint List win 13 seats, making it the third largest grouping

Toronto Star

Analysis finds biggest law firms employ plenty of women — but there aren’t many of them at senior levels

Data provided by the biggest law firms in the province suggests partnership remains predominantly white, straight and male.

‘We can’t be ignored any longer.’ Young climate activists fighting to have their voices heard ahead of election

In Canada, young activists take part in a week of climate action that will culminate on Friday in a series of youth-led strikes across the country.

Liberals, Conservatives tied for support in wake of Trudeau blackface scandal, poll finds

A Forum survey conducted late last week found Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tied with Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives at 33 per cent support. The NDP and Greens were tied with 11 per cent each.

What are federal leaders promising on child care, and is it enough? Advocates weigh in on party platforms

Child care experts welcome promises of more funding and support for parents, but say there are huge needs to be met across the country.

These girls were powerless, living on the edge of society. But one school is turning them into heroes, feminists and resisters

“I had just begun Grade 9. So I was looking ahead at my life thinking of what needed to do, to study more, what I want to be. And it also happened that my mom was fixing my marriage.”

Toronto Sun

‘Do you know who I am?’: Pro-wrestler at traffic stop

A viral video posted by WWE wrestler Lacey Evans shows the South Carolina-native during a traffic stop south of Edmonton. RCMP confirmed the incident was real but provided no further comment. On Saturday, Evans posted to Twitter a video of the stop south of Edmonton. In it, she acts aghast as a friendly Mountie hands […]

LILLEY: Women aren’t buying Trudeau’s feminist act

It’s another example of voters seeing that Justin Trudeau’s words and actions don’t match up. When it comes to seeing Trudeau as a feminist, women just aren’t buying it. Given the blackface revelations of the last week, women won’t be the only group let down by Trudeau’s blatant hypocrisy. Yet, before the blackface revelations were […]

Kirk, the best brother ever, R.I.P.

My brother, Kirk Randolph Elder, died suddenly and unexpectedly, 16 days before his 70th birthday. He and Tresta, his wife of 41 years, had planned a trip to Hawaii, where they were going to celebrate Kirk’s birthday. Kirk was a retired supervisor at an oil refinery, and we were extremely close. He started coming on […]

NHL notes: Chiarot’s on fire in Montreal

Carey Price and the Canadiens allowed fewer goals than six playoff teams last year and hope the addition of defenceman Ben Chiarot holds that line and reduces it this autumn. Chiarot, who came East from the Winnipeg Jets and signed for three years at US$10.5 million, is ready to lean his 6-foot-3, 225-pound frame into […]

LEVY: What has happened to my city?

I despair for my city. After spending several days walking the streets of downtown Toronto, I’ve concluded that unless our politicians wake up to the reality of what is occurring in front of their noses, we could easily become another Seattle or San Francisco. While the decline has been steady over the past 10 years, […]