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'My heart is going to bleed': Bodies of mother and daughter killed in Iran air disaster repatriated to Toronto

Habib Haghjoo's girls are home. The bodies of Sahar Haghjoo, 37, and her eight-year-old daughter, Elsa Jadidi, landed in Toronto on Saturday, Haghjoo said of his daughter and granddaughter who were on the Ukrainian flight that was shot down by Iran forces earlier this month.

Ottawa backed away from commitment to approve child welfare lawsuit, lawyer says

Ottawa appears to be balking at a pledge to consent to the certification of a proposed class action lawsuit over First Nation child welfare — less than two months after the justice and Indigenous services ministers publicly said the federal government wanted to settle the case — according to one of the lawyers on the file.

Peter MacKay officially launches bid for Conservative leadership

Former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay formally launched his bid to replace Andrew Scheer on Saturday in his home province of Nova Scotia, where he first began his political career more than 20 years ago. 

Lac Saint-Jean body identified as missing snowmobiler Gilles Claude

Quebec provincial police have identified the body found in Lac Saint-Jean yesterday as one of the missing snowmobilers, 58-year-old Gilles Claude.

In opening impeachment argument, Trump lawyers say Democrats want to overturn 2016 vote

Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump are presenting arguments today at the Senate impeachment trial. They will rebut the last three days of accusations from Democrats that he abused his power and obstructed Congress.

Canada's first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus found in Ontario

Ontario’s chief medical officer has announced the first 'presumptive positive' case of the coronavirus in Canada.

Canada’s policy time bomb: Rising home prices and homelessness

There's been plenty of good news about Canada's economy, so why do Canadians remain anxious about our economic state of affairs? CTV News pollster Nik Nanos writes on about the growing concerns of homelessness and Canada's real estate market.

Personal spending a party matter, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer declined Saturday to shed any light on lingering questions about the use of party money to pay for his children's tuition, an issue that threw his party into turmoil just as he announced his decision to step back from the leadership job.

'My heart is going to bleed,' says man who lost daughter, granddaughter in Iran plane crash

The bodies of Sahar Haghjoo, 37, and her eight-year-old daughter, Elsa Jadidi, will land in Toronto on Saturday, who were on the Ukrainian flight that was shot down by Iran forces earlier this month.

Pandemic video game 'Plague Inc.' surges in popularity as coronavirus spreads

A doomsday video game that simulates the spread of a deadly pandemic has quickly become the bestselling app in China, Canada, and several other countries amid the coronavirus outbreak.

National Post

Personal spending a party matter, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says

Scheer said that there are internal checks and balances on party spending and has nothing further to add.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says telling Greta Thunberg to study economics ‘was a joke’

In Davos, he said: 'Is she the chief economist? After she goes and studies economics in college, she can go back and explain (climate change) to us'

Peter MacKay launches his campaign promising to unify and expand Conservative Party

'Together we'll expand outward that big blue tent, while strengthening its solid poles of conservative principle,' he said in Stellarton, Nova Scotia

St. John’s, N.L., lifts state of emergency eight days after massive storm

The city is offering free public transit until Feb. 7 in an effort to keep cars off the road

First ‘presumptive’ Canadian case of new coronavirus confirmed in Toronto

Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario says Canada has confirmed its first presumptive positive case of the new coronavirus

Toronto Star

Residents of a downtown condo in disbelief after being told their water could be out for seven weeks

Thousands of residents of a downtown Toronto condo tower — described as the tallest in the country — reacted angrily Saturday when initially told they would be out of water for at least seven weeks.

Many Maple Leafs couldn’t cut it in the NHL without Barb Underhill, master of untangling the double klutz

Speed is paramount in the NHL, and Mason Marchment is just one of the Marlies grads who owe a debt of gratitude to the former world champion pairs figure skater. A hug is a small price to pay.

Here’s why Doug Ford may owe Peter MacKay a favour

The front-runner in the race to lead the federal Conservatives once played a small but significant role in helping deflate accusations of substance abuse against the premier’s brother.

Her birthday ended at the hospital. Drink tampering is in the spotlight thanks to her viral video

Josée Saulnier was turning 20 and wanted a night out in Halifax with friends when an allegedly spiked drink caused her to lose control of her body. She shared videos of herself struggling to walk on social media to raise awareness about what happened to her.

Toronto Sun

STICKING TO YOUR GOALS: Advice from a life coach and ‘productivity catalyst’

Quitter’s Day — the day people are most likely to abandon their New Year’s Resolutions — came and went last Sunday. “Tune in before you lean in,” advises veteran Toronto life coach, or productivity catalyst as Clare Kumar likes to call herself. “So self-awareness is really the place to start for any change you want […]

GOLDBERG: Conservative divide pits anti-left against anti-state

By JONAH GOLDBERG For most Americans, conservatism basically means the stuff Republicans are for, and liberalism means whatever Democrats are for. I don’t mean this as a criticism, just a statement of fact. One of the great things about America is that politics – never mind political philosophy – isn’t a big part of most […]

Canada’s first ‘presumptive’ case of deadly coronavirus confirmed in Toronto

The Ontario government says Canada’s first “presumptive positive case” of the deadly coronavirus has been confirmed. The patient — a man in his 50s who travelled to China and became ill within a day, is being treated in at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital and samples have been sent to a Winnipeg lab for confirmation. However, officials […]

Raptors are getting pretty good at this end-of-game management thing

SAN ANTONIO — The benefit of having been there, having won a title and gone through all that a journey like entails seems to present itself on a near nightly basis with the Raptors. It was there again Friday night as we watched the Raptors struggle to put away a team they would probably beat […]

FUREY: Big tent conservatism has always included so-cons – is that changing?

I’ve been a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage since back when Liberals like Ralph Goodale were voting against it and I had many a hearty debate back in the day with those who obstinately objected to extending this liberty for all. But somehow I can’t bring myself to get worked up about recent comments made […]