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Why some migrants head back to New York City after free bus ride takes them near Canadian border

Re-ticketing in New York City is not shocking or surprising, advocates in Montreal say. But getting a job is often not as easy as the migrants think and overburdened community services are struggling to handle everyone crossing into Canada.

2 teen girls charged in connection with Toronto 'swarming' death denied bail

Two teen girls who are charged with second-degree murder in connection with what police have called a "swarming" attack on Toronto man Ken Lee in December have been denied bail.

U.S. sailors retrieve what's left of the alleged Chinese spy balloon

The U.S. Coast Guard on Monday imposed a temporary security zone in waters off South Carolina during the military's search for debris from a suspected Chinese spy balloon shot down by a U.S. fighter jet.

Man sentenced for 'dangerous lies' in hoax calls to B.C. care home on day it saw Canada's 1st COVID-19 death

The man who made dozens of hoax calls to staff at the care home that would later record Canada's first death from COVID-19 has been sentenced for his "elaborate, dangerous and damaging deception," though he won't serve any more time beyond bars for the crime.

A sensor you draw with a pencil could be used for 'smart diapers,' contactless switches and respiratory monitors

We may soon be able to detect humidity levels, respiratory changes or a too-wet diaper, all with a new type of sensor — one created by drawing with a pencil on specially-treated paper.

Biden aims to deliver reassurance in State of Union address

U.S. President Joe Biden is ready to offer a reassuring assessment of the nation's condition rather than roll out flashy policy proposals as he delivers his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night, seeking to overcome pessimism in the country and concerns about his own leadership.

Balloons and drones among 768 Canadian UFO reports from 2022: researcher

Balloons and drones were among 768 reported UFO sightings in Canada last year, according to Winnipeg-based researcher Chris Rutkowski, who also found that eight per cent of all cases remained unexplained.

B.C. COVID-denier had illness but died of drug overdose, coroner says

A report from British Columbia's coroner says a prominent anti-vaccine and COVID critic died in 2021 of a drug overdose, although he also tested positive for the illness post-mortem.

Inflation 'turning the corner' after multiple rate increases: BoC governor

After raising interest rates eight consecutive times, Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem told an audience in Quebec City on Tuesday that inflation is showing signs of 'turning the corner' and that the coming year 'will be different.'

Toronto Star

Fine, suspension or reprimand? Toronto lawyer Jeremy Diamond’s misconduct saga turns to his penalty

Diamond, who is facing Law Society discipline for misleading advertising, argues even a short suspension would be “unduly harsh” and unfairly impact the dozens of other lawyers at his firm.

New York Times

Felipe Calderón, Former Mexican President, Accused of Supporting Sinaloa Cartel

The accusation, which was quickly denied, was made by a former Mexican official at the trial in Brooklyn of Mexico’s former top security chief.

Russia Pays a Bloody Price for Small Gains in Eastern Ukraine

Russia is relying on masses of troops to overrun Ukrainian positions, producing heavy casualties and incremental gains.

Rescue Teams in Turkey and Syria Quake Fight Weather as Deaths Top 7,700

Shoveling snow and rubble, emergency crews worked across hundreds of miles in Turkey and Syria to save people in the aftermath of the most powerful quake in the region in decades.

Microsoft Launches New Bing Likely Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 A.I

Amid the tech industry’s worst slump in decades, industry leaders are predicting an era built on new chatbots and other types of artificial intelligence.


George Santos is facing US House ethics probe

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said New York GOP Rep. George Santos is facing a House Ethics Committee probe, confirming for the first time that the panel has opened an investigation into the embattled freshman. McCarthy said the House will take action depending on what the panel finds.


New Zealand pilot taken hostage by separatists in Indonesia

Separatists say they will execute the man unless Jakarta negotiates over the independence of West Papua.

China spy balloon: US Navy releases photos of debris

The suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down over the Atlantic on Saturday.

Turkey earthquake: Yeni Malatyaspor goalkeeper Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan dies

Turkish second division club Yeni Malatyaspor confirm goalkeeper Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan has died following Monday's earthquake in his home country.

Russia's African footprint grows with Lavrov trip to Mali

Amid Russia's isolation, its friendship with Mali blossoms, but has it stopped jihadist violence?

Turkey earthquake: Bodies in street after quake as anger grows over aid

The death toll in Turkey continues to rise as survivors struggle to find shelter and support.