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Saturday, May 5

Environment: Donna Reid presents 4th Annual Butt Blitz beginning at 11:00 am at Silver Bean Cafe (130 King St., Peterborough, K9J 3C6). Join volunteers across Canada on May 5th to help reduce the number of cigarette butts polluting hour environment. Last year we picked up over 223,000 butts in 1 day and sent them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling, this year we want to pick up even more but your help is needed! Pocket ashtrays will also be handed out at the event. Join the Peterborough Blitz Event to help make a huge environmental impact across Canada! You can start collecting butts as soon as the snow melts, or come out for the community clean up on May 5th. All you have to do is grab yourself a pair of gloves, a ziplock bag and a permanent marker! Collect cigarette butts from local parks, beaches, shorelines, streets and other public places. Count them as you go, and give them to your locations event coordinator on May 5th who will ship them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling!. For more information please visit

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