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Sunday, March 18

Health: Green Wood Coalition presents Meditation for Dummies beginning at 11:30 am at Green Wood Coalition (18 Ontario Street, Port Hope, L1A 2T6). Are you curious about meditation but think it’s too hard or boring? Have you been practising for years but you’re stuck in a dry phase? Do you deal with addiction, depression, anxiety or chronic illness? Do you seek creative empowerment, clarity of mind, deeper compassion, self-love, or just permission to relax? Let’s explore together the simplicity and profound benefit of being fully alive and present in the moment. Ann Marie Cross, Port Hope writer and artist, offers this interactive workshop free of charge. (Donations to Greenwood Coalition are accepted.) Practicing meditation for 15 years with various teachers from a variety of traditions, she still feels like a dummy sometimes. Please plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to settle in. For more information please visit

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