Student's Association for International Development - SAID and Trent Community Movements Conference present Populist Responses to Globalization: At Home and Abroad

Date:Friday, February 2 & Saturday, February 3, 2018
Location:    Sadleir House (751 George St. N., Peterborough)
The 2-day event will consist of presentations and workshops presented by academics, social activists, and others interested in local and international ‘populist’ backlashes or responses to globalization, and its relation to development studies. The title of the conference is “Populist Responses to Globalization: At Home and Abroad.” The conference aims to explore how the social and political consequences of neoliberal globalization have spurred, directly and indirectly, the generation or mobilization of various populist movements and ideologies in response. It will examine domestic and international political responses from civil societies and states.

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