Exhibition Opening Reception

Colborne Street Gallery presents "Trees"

Date:Thursday, September 12, 2019
Time:6 - 8 p.m.
Location:    Colborne Street Gallery (44 Colborne St., Fenelon Falls)
The inspiration for this show: “The average tree grows its branches out until it encounters the branch tips of a neighbouring tree of the same height. It doesn’t grow any wider because the air and better light in this space are already taken. However, it heavily reinforces the branches it has extended, so you get the impression that there’s quite a shoving match going on up there. But a pair of true friends is careful right from the outset not to grow overly thick branches in each other’s direction. The trees don’t want to take anything away from each other, and so they develop sturdy branches only at the outer edges of their crowns, that is to say, only in the direction of “non-friends”. Such partners are often so tightly connected at the roots that sometimes they even die together.” Peter Wohlleben. Exhibit runs from August 30 - October 8

For more information visit https://colbornegallery.ca.