Ken Prue/A Loft Production presents Paul Novotny and Robi Botos - "Summertime in Leith"

Date:Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Time:8 p.m.
Location:    The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall (55 King St. W., Cobourg)
Cost:$39 plus tax and fee

Renowned Canadian jazz musicians Paul Novotny (a Peterborough native) and Robi Botos perform "Summertime in Leith" in a viscerally interactive concert setting. The sound is stunningly palpable and masterfully crafted in Dolby Atmos, transporting the listener to a picturesque Ontario hamlet, on a balmy midsummer evening, in the middle of a jewel-like sanctuary of an historic Canadian church, surrounded by local folks immersed in the moment.

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