Rock-N Entertainment presents Against the Wind - Canada's Bob Seger Experience

Date:Friday, March 31, 2017
Time:8 p.m.
Location:    Market Hall (140 Charlotte St., Peterborough)
Cost:$25 plus fees
The launch of ATW in 2015 marks 35 years since Bob Seger’s, award-winning album and hit single, “Against The Wind ” was destined to become etched into the public’s minds and hearts. ATW sets the stage for memories and new experiences. This band is dedicated to honouring Bob Seger, paying homage to the undeniable motto – “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”. ATW’s song-list includes selections from Seger albums that are obvious mega hits throughout the 60, 70’s and beyond. “You just can’t shake a memory that feels so good, so right” – that’s why booking ATW makes total sense in a time when, “the feel good”, factor is what the audiences are yearning to feel and re-experience, a guaranteed recipe for success. Concert, corporate and private events are prime venues for ATW and what they bring to audiences. Bring this power-house to today, to your audience now! “It’s Your World”, “In Your Time”, it’s that simple and extraordinary – It’s ATW.

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