Top 18 of 2018: our local photographer all-stars

The top posts from our Instagram by local Kawartha photographers in 2018

Throughout 2018, kawarthaNOW shared the work of local photographers on our Instagram and we've selected 18 of the most-viewed photos of 2018. This photo of "ice flowers" at Lock 27 in Young's Point, taken by Travis Tedford, was the sixth most popular photo we shared in 2018. (Photo: Travis Tedford @travistedford / Instagram)
Throughout 2018, kawarthaNOW shared the work of local photographers on our Instagram and we've selected 18 of the most-viewed photos of 2018. This photo of "ice flowers" at Lock 27 in Young's Point, taken by Travis Tedford, was the sixth most popular photo we shared in 2018. (Photo: Travis Tedford @travistedford / Instagram)

If you’re an Insta account fanatic like me (and if you’re not, then make it a goal for 2019!), you know it’s common practice to post your “top nine” photos of the past year. These top nine are shared across many profiles at this time of year, and they’ve been popping up in my feed for the past few weeks.

While we post the top nine most-viewed photographs from our @kawarthanow Insta account every month, I realized when looking at our best-of-2018 list that I couldn’t stop at a “top nine” this year — there were just too many amazing images from local photographers in our feed over the past 12 months.

So I’ve decided to expand our list to the top 18 of 2018. Even so, there are some not on this list who deserve to be there, including several talented photographers in our top 19 to 40 posts who generously allow us to share their work. We appreciate all of the local photographers who tag us regularly and allow us to share their photos — it promotes us and it promotes them. It’s a win-win all year long and we appreciate their faith in us to represent them.

Want to get on the list? All you need is an Insta account and to tag us at #kawarthanow. We share photos from across our readership area, which is the five-county area surrounding Peterborough which includes Peterborough, Northumberland, City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, and Hastings (we sneak in the occasional Algonquin Park picture as well, particularly if it’s by a Kawartha photographer).

2018 marked our sixth year on Instagram, which continues to grow for us as a leading social media marketing tool. More than 11 per cent of our followers are from the GTA and comprise cottagers and relocators. Earlier this year, we reached 10,000 followers — the first local media company to achieve that milestone — and, on Christmas Day, we crossed the 12,000 mark. We continue to have consistently high engagement and reach, thanks to our strong base of real followers (unlike some accounts, we never ever buy followers).

Without further ado, here are the top 18 from 2018:

#1. Kawartha Kangaroos by kawarthaNOW @kawarthanow

Posted April 1, 2018. 8,881 impressions, 620 likes

Our hard-working managing editor Bruce Head deserves the top spot of 2018 for this photo promoting a classic and clever story about a kangaroo reserve near Millbrook. It was an April Fools’ Day story that will be a tough act to follow in 2019, and it earned top impressions on Instagram and Facebook for the year. Don’t feel foolish if you fell for this one — people are still googling for the Kawartha Kangaroo farm in Millbrook.

All the photos and the video in the story are actually of kangaroos in Australia, with the featured photo taken by Bernadette Camus of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Tasmania (make sure to check out the video in the story too).


#2. Slow-motion video of a nuthatch in flight by Daniel Shaw @dthawed

Posted July 30, 2018. 8,608 impressions, 3,033 views, 378 likes

Daniel is a master of slow-motion photography and getting birds to land on and feed from his hand. It’s no wonder that this video landed in our second spot for the year. We could watch it all day long! Follow @dthawed for more of Daniel’s amazing outdoor nature and wildlife photos and videos.


#3. River deer by The Highlands Cottages @thehighlandscottages

Posted October 25, 2018. 8,015 impressions, 773 likes

An elusive “river deer” captured by The Highlands Cottages, who often post great views from their lovely spot just north of Buckhorn, along with lovely photos their guests take. Follow them @thehighlandscottages.


#4. Moondance in Peterborough by Jeannine Taylor @wired_woman

Posted January 31, 2018. 7,997 impressions, 458 likes

Sometimes an editorial post on our Instagram is important and newsworthy. On January 31, 2018, we broke the news that Moondance — Canada’s oldest independent record store — was closing after 45 years. The news was sad for many of our readers and bittersweet for owner Mike Taveroff.


#5. “In Gord We Trust” by Every Day in Catchacoma @every_day_in_catchacoma

Posted April 17, 2018. 7,865 impressions, 745 likes

This photo taken by @every_day_in_catchacoma captured the imagination and love from our followers, who are clearly Gord Downie and Tragically Hip fans. I shared it on April 17th because I was so fed up with that never-ending winter and needed some cottage country visuals. Later I realized it was six months to the day of Gord Downie’s passing. Sadly, this graffiti has since been painted over, but that won’t stop us from remembering Gord.


#6. Ice flowers at Lock 27 in Young’s Point by Travis Tedford @travistedford

Posted November 24, 2018. 7,714 impressions, 878 likes

Travis Tedford has a great commute that cuts across The Kawarthas and he often posts some intriguing photos. I have to admit I had never heard of ice flowers before this photo. Ice flowers are formed on lake surfaces when the air is very cold and very dry — remember that cold snap in November? The ice crystals are similar to hoar frost, and are commonly seen to grow in patches around 3 to 4 cm in diameter.


#7. Thanksgiving at Long Lake in Kawartha Highlands by The Greenhouse on the river @thegreenhouseontheriver

Posted October 5, 2018. 7,421 impressions, 828 likes

A beautiful dockside capture by @thegreenhouseontheriver. Follow them for some amazing shots by Elyn Green year round (and the scoop on plants and gardening)!


#8. Rotary Adult Gym at Beavermead Park in Peterborough by kawarthaNOW @kawarthanow

Posted May 27, 2018. 7,088 impressions, 318 likes

I love that our local Rotary Clubs made our top list as they do great work in our community all year round, and much of that work is not recognized widely enough. This photo by our managing editor Bruce Head was taken prior to the official opening in June of Peterborough’s first adult outdoor gym, a gift to the residents of the City of Peterborough from the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha and the Peterborough Rotary Club.


#9. Winter sun by Rachel Patrick @rachelpatrick123

Posted February 10, 2018. 7,084 impressions, 690 likes

Rachel Patrick takes lovely photos across central Ontario, depicting day-to-day nature and rural and farm life. Follow her @rachelpatrick123.


#10. Stoney Lake Sunset by Style And Grace @sarah_styleandgrace

Posted August 27, 2018. 7,082 impressions, 705 likes

Follow Sarah @sarah_styleandgrace and you will swoon over her summers on Stoney — and be prepared for some images of delectable food too because Sarah is also a recipe developer.


#11. September morning on Big Bald Lake by Joe Yusiw @kawartha_joe

Posted September 18, 2018. 7,074 impressions, 725 likes

Most of our followers know @kawartha_joe as we frequently share his images of Buckhorn Lake, Big Bald Lake, and Bobcaygeon. In fact, it’s hard not to share Joe’s photos every day. Joe is the go-to guy at Bobcaygeon’s Gilstorf & Gray so you should follow them @gilstorfandgray too!


#12. Fall mist at Peterborough Lift Lock by Tim Haan Photography

Posted September 30, 2018. 7,027 impressions, 688 likes

It would be a challenge to get through the year without an iconic image of the Peterborough Lift Lock, and without a photo representing Tim Haan’s amazing portfolio. Tim shares photos with us from Bancroft to Rice Lake and we’re pleased to share his talent.


#13. Winter sunset in Bobcaygeon by Joe Yusiw @kawartha_joe

Posted December 16, 2018. 7,005 impressions, 651 likes

Joe Yusiw made our top 18 or 2018 list for the second time with this December sunset in Bobcaygeon.


#14. Ice caves at Warsaw by Andrew Holden @andy.holden

Posted January 4, 2018. 6,986 impressions, 758 likes

Andy is a winter photography enthusiast and a winter camper, so his feed @andy.holden is nice to follow if you prefer to experience the beauty of the cold outdoors from the warmth of your couch. His travels include Algonquin and Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park at the far side of The Kawarthas.


#15. Coon Lake sunrise by Barry Killen @theburleighridge_beareh

Posted July 31, 2018. 6,962 impressions, 636 likes

It wouldn’t be a best-of-2018 list for us without a photo from the captain of Coon Lake himself: Barry Killen @theburleighridge_beareh.


#16. Kawartha waterway paddlers by Justen Soule @justensoule

Posted September 30, 2018. 6,913 impressions, 674 likes

Canoeists and kayakers across the Kawarthas know that fall, with its misty mornings and lack of bugs, is a beautiful time to paddle. This shot of paddlers was taken by filmmaker and photographer Justen Soule @justensoule.


#17. Fox family by Kathryn Frank @_katy.did.it_

Posted June 23, 2018. 6,911 impressions, 680 likes

This hard-working mama fox and her family, photographed by Lindsay-area photographer Kathryn Frank @_katy.did.it_, were a hit with our readers.


#18. North Kawartha country road by Kathy Braznick @kbrazpics

Posted October 8, 2018. 6,910 impressions, 666 likes

Last but not least, we shared this photo by Kathy Braznick @kbrazpics, of a rural road near Apsley in North Kawartha, on Thanksgiving Monday.


We are thankful for the beauty of the Kawarthas and for all the talented photographers out there who help to document it for everyone else. We are looking forward to sharing what they post in 2019!