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Alli Bunting is a current International Youth Internship Program Intern at Arise and Shine, based in Jinja, Uganda. As a white, middle-class, educated woman, her Bachelor's in International Development and Master's in Global Development Studies opened her eyes to the (often invisible) Western/White privilege that she experiences, and made her passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. Having spent time overseas in India, Nicaragua, South Korea, and Uganda, she has worked on environment, health, and education projects and is engaged in unlearning systemic oppression, and dismantling mainstream narratives about the developing world. In her spare time, Alli is often trailing behind her tall partner on a hike, attempting to calculate time differences, or searching for coffee. You can follow her blog at, or find her on Instagram at al.leigh.7.
Ennismore native Alli Bunting has been working for a community-based organization in Jinja, Uganda called Arise and Shine. Here she learns how to play netball with primary students at the Arise and Shine Primary School in Kibuye village in Uganda. (Photo: Alli Bunting)

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