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A volunteer with Kawartha Land Trust, Anica James is a graduate from Loyalist College's Photojournalism program and she has been freelancing, facilitating workshops, and exhibiting her photo-based work throughout Canada and Nepal (her home-away-from-home) since 2014. Originally from Peterborough, Anica is a self-proclaimed nature geek who is happiest outdoors. When she isn't gardening or hiking, she can be found at home in her studio making art or writing poetry. Her photographic work can be viewed at
Joe Pitawanakwat, founder and director of indigenous outdoor-education based business Creators Garden, holds a leaf from a bloodroot plant during a guided indigenous medicine walk at Ballyduff Trails, located on the McKim-Garsonnin property protected by Kawartha Land Trust. He explained the use of the highly toxic plant in traditional medicine to help treat fibroids and as an aid for pregnancy. (Photo: Anica James)

Connecting with nature and discovering the importance of native plants to indigenous peoples

Kawartha Land Trust hosted its first Indigenous Medicine Walk in May at Ballyduff Trails near Pontypool.

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