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Sporting Activity: Peterborough Cycling Club presents Wednesday "Tempo Ride" beginning at 6:15 pm in Peterborough. The aim of this ride is to increase a cyclist’s knowledge and skill level so that they can participate in group rides safely and efficiently. Participants will gain experience with 2 main types of group riding formations: the double pace line and the echelon. We split the rides into three groups – basic, intermediate B, and intermediate A – either at the beginning of the ride or after a short warm-up ride. If you are a strong rider and have limited group experience, the basic group is recommended as the focus will be on fundamental skills for riding in groups at a slower pace. This is a no-drop ride but it is expected that both bicycle and rider are in appropriate condition to ride. This should not be your first introduction to group riding. You should be able to ride for prolonged periods at speeds of 30 kph. Additionally, you should be able to efficiently utilize the shifting mechanism on your bike. Please bring a pump, spare tube, front & rear flashing lights. Cost: PCC Membership is required. For more information please visit

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