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Thursday, March 8

Conference: Thirteen Moons Wellness presents International Women's Day Conference beginning at 8:00 am at Ashburnham Reception Centre (840 Armour Rd., Peterborough, K9H 2A2). The focus of the event is to provide an opportunity for women to engage in learning, share triumphs and struggles, and ultimately, empower women so they can continue to thrive as they play important roles in our families, workplaces and communities. Speakers this year include Samra Zafar (human rights activist, scholar, author and social entrepreneur), Linda Silver Dranof (lawyer, author and activist) and Judy Croon (comedian, motivational speaker, radio host, Second City standup coach and author). In between speaker presentations, attendees will also get to participate in 2 facilitated 75-minute workshops from 6 available sessions: Taming the Busy Mind, Building Resilience, Personal Finance, Courageous Conversations, Creating Your Community and Reclaiming Our Bodies. Cost: $145 plus HST including speakers, 2 workshops, lunch and refreshments. For more information please visit

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