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Saturday, February 10

Conference: Ontario Woodlot Association - Kawartha Chapter presents 25th Annual Kawartha Woodlot Conference at Fleming College, Frost Campus (200 Albert St. S., Lindsay, K9V 5E6). Registration is now open. The theme ‘Change, Challenge & Opportunity’ will cover topics ranging from climate change, the Environmental Bill of Rights, and the health of Ontario’s forests with a focus on the forests in the region. There will be special learning sessions about opportunities for woodlot owners in the carbon markets, seed collecting and forest genetics, tips and tricks for planting butternuts, and more. Each year the Kawartha Woodlot Conference brings together experts and leaders in a number of fields specific to woodlots, managed forests and industry advocates. The conference, the largest regional conference of its kind, provides a unique opportunity for members of the forestry community to spend a full day hearing from and interacting with industry experts and learning about emerging tools, trends and best practices. Similar to past years, there will also be a tradeshow, where companies and organizations will showcase products and service with attendees. For more information please visit

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