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Thursday, April 12

Film: A71 Entertainment presents "Love Jacked" beginning at 7:30 pm at Market Hall (140 Charlotte St., Peterborough, K9H 7E8). Post-screening Q&A with Director Alfons Adetuyi. Maya (Amber Stephens West) is headstrong with artistic ambitions, a strong contrast to what her father Ed (Keith David) wants: a dutiful daughter to run the family hardware store. Ed is shocked when Maya takes her assertions of independence a step further and decides to travel to Africa. While looking for inspiration, she meets Mtumbie (Demetrius Grosse), an African charmer who sweeps her into a whirlwind romance. Before she knows what’s happening, she and Mtumbie are engaged and her father is furiously trying to persuade her to forget Africa and come home. This hardens her resolve to go ahead with the marriage until she finds Mtumbie in bed with another woman. Heartbroken, she flies home and is met by her father’s smug, “I told you so”. Instead of admitting that her father was right, she tries to save face and tells her family the wedding is on!. Cost: $13. For more information please visit

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