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Until Sunday, April 8

Exhibition: Art Gallery of Peterborough presents Dr. Roberta Bondar: The Light in the Land ~ The Nature of Canada at Art Gallery of Peterborough (250 Crescent St.., Peterborough, K9J 2G1). Dr. Roberta Bondar continues to explore the planet that she viewed from space. We see as she sees, and share in her creative images of Earth. Texture, colour, composition and clarity encourage us to enter a world of infinite possibility, to create new and personal experiences. Light that reflects back to our eyes from the lands and waters of Canada illuminates our past, present and future. The natural world and environment of Canada is calming, gives us strength, intrigues us with mystery, and challenges us for the future. The diversity of each province and territory enriches the world of planet Earth. For more information please visit

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