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Saturday, May 26

Workshop: Endeavour Centre presents Essential Hempcrete Construction beginning at 9:30 am at Endeavour Centre (910 High Street, Peterborough, K9J 5R2). Learn how you can create a remarkable home insulation material from the hemp plant! This workshop is based on the new book, Essential Hempcrete Construction, written by course instructor Chris Magwood. Hempcrete (or hemp-lime) construction uses chopped hemp hurd (the woody core of the hemp plant) mixed with hydraulic lime to create an insulation material with excellent thermal, moisture-handling, fire-resistance, non-toxic and structural properties. Hempcrete is also a carbon sequestering material. In the Essential Hempcrete workshop, you will find out how hempcrete is made, see a slideshow of various Canadian and international hempcrete building projects, and gain an understanding of how, why and where hempcrete is an appropriate material choice. In the classroom, we will look at the costs, material sourcing and building science of using hempcrete on new building projects and renovations. Cost: Early bird $150, Regular $175. For more information please visit

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