Sporting Activity

Peterborough Cycling Club presents Thursday "Tempo Ride"

Time:6:30 p.m.
Location:    Peterborough
Cost:PCC Membership is required

This ride will follow the schedule and route of the Thursday Nighter, except on Dirty Thursdays. This group will be a little slower and will be working cooperatively as a group until the final sprint. You will gain practical experience with 2 types of group riding formations: the double pace line and, later in the season, the echelon. Our goal is to perfect these 2 types of group riding formations, and increase each cyclist’s knowledge and skill level so that they can eventually participate in the Thursday Nighter safely and efficiently. If you enjoy the faster segment of the Wednesday Tempo ride, you’ll enjoy this ride.It’ll be a hard ride, but one without any attacks until the sprint. This is not a beginner ride, it is a ride for people with intermediate to advanced skills who are fit or have the desire and ability to become fit quickly. We will leave at 6:05 from Silver Bean or 6:30 from the Douro Arena.

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