4th Line Theatre presents "The Great Shadow" by Alex Poch-Goldin

Date:Tuesday, July 19 - Saturday, July 23, 2022
Time:6 p.m.
Location:    4th Line Theatre (779 Zion Line, Millbrook)
Cost:$42.50 adults, $36.50 youth

Based on the true story of the fascinating history of the film studio in Trenton, Ontario, Alex Poch-Goldin's "The Great Shadow" follows one man's dream to build a film industry in Canada and a single mother's search for love after the devastating loss of her husband in World War I, all against the sociopolitical backdrop of the 1920s "Red Scare" that communism and leftist political movements were going to destroy western democracy. Sparks fly in this raucous comedy, when small-town residents and Hollywood elites clash. Directed by Cynthia Ashperger. Performances Tuesdays to Saturdays from June 28 - July 23, with preview nights on June 28 - 30 and July 1 and opening night on July 2.

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