4th Line Theatre presents "Jim Watts: Girl Reporter"

Date:Thursday, August 1 - Saturday, August 3, 2024
Time:6 p.m.
Location:    4th Line Theatre (779 Zion Line, Millbrook)
Cost:$50 adults, $45 youth

Written by Beverley Cooper, "Jim Watts: Girl Reporter" is a fascinating exploration of the experience of trailblazing youth who illegally flocked to Spain to fight fascism, attempting to stop its march across Europe, in the mid-1930s. Jean 'Jim' Watts was the only woman to join Canada's regiment in Spain, the MacKenzie-Papineaus. The play takes the audience from Toronto to Madrid, from political rallies to the battlefields of Spain, and Peterborough's own union organizer and hero Jim Higgins figures prominently in the story. Directed by Kim Blackwell, the cast will feature 29 professional and volunteer actors including Robert Winslow, Thomas Fournier, Mikayla Stoodley, Katie Ryerson, José Andrés Bordas, Anita La Selva, Matt Gilbert, Mark Hiscox, Kelsey Powell, Nathan Simpson, Hilary Wear, and Lindsay Wilson. Performances run from Mondays to Saturdays, with preview nights on July 30 and 31 and opening night on August 1.

For more information visit Tickets are available online, by calling 705-932-4445 (toll-free at 1-800-814-0055), or by visiting the box office at 9 Tupper Street in Millbrook from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.