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For more than 20 years, GreenUP has been central and eastern Ontario's leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship. GreenUP is a non-profit charity and an active community organization that offers dozens of programs and services to those living in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. GreenUP's programs focus on facilitating positive action and provide the tools to make small changes in the home or cottage that can create a large and lasting impact on our environment. You can follow GreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Learning how to use transit is a fun way for youth to explore their independence and a safe alternative to driving. Grade 8 students across Peterborough will receive a free transit pass to use over the March Break, and families can purchase a day pass for up to 2 adults and 4 children to ride the bus all day for only $8.00

Grade 8 students ride Peterborough Transit for free during March Break

Transit Quest program helps prepare students for a future using public transportation.
Addressing climate change means reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. Changing the way you think about transportation is something you can do right now. Using your car less and switching to walking, cycling, or transit will reduce your household carbon footprint, and your family will be healthier too.

5 things you can do right now to help with climate change

Make changes to the way you travel, use energy, use water, eat, and dispose of waste.
Homemade bee homes for wild cavity nesting bees can be made from natural, hollow, straw-like materials bundled together and placed in a nook of a tree or shrub. This bee house is made from the stems of grasses tied snugly together and hung at GreenUP Ecology Park in a place where wild bee activity can be easily observed.

Help wild bees this spring by building a bee hotel

Learn how homemade backyard nests can help protect pollinators at April workshop.
A paper coffee cup and other littered items emerge from a snowbank at the corner of Charlotte and Aylmer Streets in downtown Peterborough during the 2017 January thaw. Take steps now to reduce roadside garbage and litter that accumulates throughout the winter to minimize the unsightly mess that appears each spring. (Photo: GreenUP)

Make today the first day of your litterless winter

Take a few simple steps now to reduce the need for spring clean-ups.
Maggie Lightfoot passes a bottle of tap water over the counter to GreenUP Water Programs Coordinator Dylan Radcliffe at Black Honey Coffee House on Hunter Street, Peterborough. Black Honey is one of many businesses that have signed up as part of, an online app mapping businesses in the city where anyone can fill up their reusable water bottle for free. (Photo courtesy of GreenUP)

New online interactive map makes it easy to fill your water bottle around town

Decrease your use of single-use plastic bottles by using to find out where you can get free refills.
Scott Murison, co-owner at Wild Rock in Peterborough, cycling to work in the winter. Winter Bike to Work day is coming up on February 10th, an opportunity for the rest of us to get active and give winter biking a try. (Photo courtesy of Peterborough Moves)

Celebrate Winter Bike to Work Day on February 10

Leave the car behind next Friday and try cycling to work.
Volunteer fixer Kathryn Bahun helps an attendee of Repair Café Peterborough sew a patch on his jean jacket. Repair Café sewists can help you patch, stitch, and fix all sorts of clothing and apparel items, for free! Fixing rips and tears and updating with patches and custom embellishments helps clothing last longer, prevents un-necessary consumption of new items, and keeps clothes out of landfills.

Choosing fast fashion has environmental impacts across the globe

Tips for reducing your clothing, and carbon, foodprint.
This year at ReFrame Film Festival, GreenUP is sponsoring The Eagle Huntress, the kickoff feature film being screened on Thursday, January 26th. This cinematically breathtaking film takes the viewer into one of the word's last true wildernesses, following the story of Aisholpan, a 13 year old who defies gender norms to chase her dreams of becoming an Eagle Hunter.

Explore the environment through film at ReFrame Film Festival

Three-day festival kicks off with feature film The Eagle Huntress on January 26.
The GreenUP Store carries Clean and Green Ice Melter by Swish, an alternative to salt that's gentle on vegetation, concrete, water, and floors. It's not corrosive and is completely safe to handle with bare hands, so it's safer around children and pets, too. (Photo: Karen Halley)

Clearing the way without salt this winter

Environmentally friendly alternatives are also more effective at lower temperatures.
Bird watching is a great family activity. It provides children with the opportunity to develop an interest in local wildlife. With some patience and by being very still, you can even train Chickadees to feed right from your hand – an experience that is sure to bring joy to all. (Photo courtesy of GreenUP)

Help our feathered friends this winter by becoming a backyard birder

Watching and feeding birds is a great activity for the entire family.


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