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For more than 20 years, GreenUP has been central and eastern Ontario's leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship. GreenUP is a non-profit charity and an active community organization that offers dozens of programs and services to those living in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. GreenUP's programs focus on facilitating positive action and provide the tools to make small changes in the home or cottage that can create a large and lasting impact on our environment. You can follow GreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
The 2021 Peterborough Children's Water Festival, which heads online during May, will conclude by sharing the experiences of students and schools with GreenUP's Wonders of Water program. Pictured is Agnieszka sharing her favourite water memory with her fellow grade 5 classmates at Monsignor O'Donoghue in Peterborough in 2019. (Photo: Karen O'Krafka)

Peterborough Children’s Water Festival goes virtual with fun and educational activities for children in...

19th annual festival teaches students in Grades 2 to 5 about the importance of water, including on #WaterWednesday.
Scott Murison, co-owner of Wild Rock Outfitters in downtown Peterborough and a founding member of Green Economy Peterborough, says being part of the network means local businesses can share ideas, learn from others, and set an example that others can follow. Green Economy Peterborough officially launches on Earth Day (April 22) with a virtual event featuring local business leaders and a presentation by a sustainability expert. (Photo: Ben Hargreaves)

Green Economy Peterborough launches on Earth Day to help local small businesses become more...

GreenUP project is a network of local organizations and businesses sharing knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm on climate action.
Unlike the domesticated honeybee, the bumblebee is a native pollinator. Only a bumblebee queen survives the winter by sheltering in small holes just beneath or on the ground's surface. They emerge in early spring to search for a nest site to start a new colony. If you begin cleaning up your yard too early in the spring, you can disturb the hibernating queen. (Photo: Leif Einarson)

Tread lightly in your yard and garden until late April to protect native pollinators

GreenUP explains the importance of native pollinators and how gardening too soon can expose them to stress.
Taking action to address climate change will save a business money in the long run. While the initial cost of an energy-efficient appliance is often higher than a conventional model, a business can quickly recover that cost with lower energy bills. (Photo: Ben Hargreaves)

Green Economy Peterborough can help local businesses take climate action and save money

Peterborough GreenUP is leading initiative that provides coaching and support, education and training, and a network of experts and other businesses.
Kye is getting his bike ready for spring, making sure his chain is well oiled and free of damage. Once it's ready, he'll plan his cycling route with his family. Together, they'll make sure it is fun and free of hazards. (Photo: Jackie Donaldson)

Get your bikes ready for spring in Peterborough

Tips from Peterborough GreenUP on bike maintenance, safety, security, route planning, and knowledge and skills.
If cities were designed with the needs of women in mind, they would work better for everyone. For instance, women spend more time on public transit than men and spend more time on quick household-related errands and unpaid caregiving than men. During a GreenUP NeighbourPLAN infrastructure pop-up in Peterborough's Talwood neighbourhood, this temporary crosswalk was installed to demonstrate how a coloured crossing can improve pedestrian safety for women, men, and children. (Photo: Leif Einarson)

If cities like Peterborough were designed with women in mind, they would work better...

In keeping with the theme of International Women's Day, GreenUP encourages us to 'choose to challenge' gender bias in urban design.
The winter sun shining through bottles of maple syrup at the GreenUP Store in Peterborough. Unless appropriate action is taken to mitigate the impacts of climate change, sugar bushes may no longer be viable in southern Ontario due to drought. (Photo: Kristen LaRocque)

Climate change threatens southern Ontario’s maple forests and our beloved maple syrup

The 'sweet water' of the sugar maple connects us to Indigenous heritage and settler traditions.
A sunny September day on Pigeon Lake, located within the traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig (Mississauga) Anishinaabek. Indigenous leadership is central to local action on the United Nations' sustainable development goals, two of which are Clean Water and Sanitation and Climate Action. (Photo: Gary Pritchard Jr.)

Indigenous leadership central to local action on United Nations’ sustainable development goals

GreenUP and Kawartha World Issues Centre hosting 'Leaving No One Behind' virtual forum on February 24 and 25.
Jen Feigin, executive director of the Endeavour Centre, speaks about sustainable building approaches during the 2020 pilot of GreenUP's Girls Climate Leadership Camp at Peterborough's Ecology Park. The camp gave a small cohort of girls the opportunity to learn about the impacts of climate change, to develop strategies to support action in their households, and to meet inspiring women-identified climate leaders who are creating positive change in our community. (Photo: Ben Hargreaves)

Empowering youth, especially young women, to be climate action leaders

Participating in climate solutions is a strategy for this generation's survival, inclusion, and wellness.
Peterborough is home to many year-round cyclists. For some it is a way to get outside, for others a main mode of travel. Here, Peterborough resident Carol Love rides her bike along the Millennium Trail. (Photo: Vicky Paradisis)

Don’t let winter keep you off your bike in Peterborough

Along with skating and cross-country skiing, cycling is a delightful form of recreation in winter too.

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