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For more than 20 years, GreenUP has been central and eastern Ontario's leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship. GreenUP is a non-profit charity and an active community organization that offers dozens of programs and services to those living in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. GreenUP's programs focus on facilitating positive action and provide the tools to make small changes in the home or cottage that can create a large and lasting impact on our environment. You can follow GreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
kawarthaNOW publisher Jeannine Taylor's "green wish" for Peterborough in 2022 is that we recognize the need to protect and preserve the waterways that we live on such as Little Lake, seen here from Rogers Cove. (Photo: Jeannine Taylor)

‘Green wishes’ for 2022 from Peterborough’s political and business leaders

The first of a three-part series from GreenUP where local visionaries share their environmental hopes for the new year.
In 2021, Peterborough GreenUP and Nourish convened the Community Fruit Group, offering a place where residents can learn about fruit tree care and explore ways to plant and maintain fruit in public places like parks and community gardens. Pictured is Katimavik volunteer Élisabeth Drouin arranging decorative rocks around apple trees planted at the Stewart Street Community Garden. Rocks were hand painted by community members during GreenUP NeighbourHOOD pop-ups that took place over the fall. (Photo courtesy of GreenUP)

Growing fruit and berries in public spaces can help address local food insecurity

Peterborough GreenUP and Nourish's Community Fruit Group planning a 'fruitful winter' to build stronger connections and access to food in 2022.
As we approach the winter solstice on December 21, the shortest day of the year, we experience the longest shadows of the entire year. With a new year on the horizon, this is a chance to connect with nature by bird watching or stargazing and to reflect on what's behind us and what's to come. (Photo: Leif Einarson)

Bring intention and reflection to your time in nature this holiday season

Watch birds, stargaze, or just take a walk and appreciate nature's awesomeness.
Sustainable gift giving includes consideration for greeting cards. Seven billion physical greeting cards are produced each year with annual sales of $7.5 billion and approximately 1.1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Look for locally made cards, like these by Jeffrey Macklin of Jackson Creek Press (available at the GreenUP Store), which are printed on recycled paper without shiny or glossy materials, glitter, metal, or plastic adornments. (Photo courtesy of GreenUP)

How to talk with your friends and family about sustainable gift giving

Tips for conscious consumerism, including reducing holiday waste, choosing green gifts, and shopping local.
In its second year, GreenUP's Girl's Climate Leadership Program empowered youth to build their own planter boxes and sustainably grow their own food. Your donation to Peterborough GreenUP will support the non-profit charity's programs to educate youth who will be the climate leaders of tomorrow. (Photo: Geneveive Ramage / GreenUP)

Give the gift of the future this holiday season with a donation to Peterborough...

Your donation will support the non-profit charity's programs for home energy efficiency, green economy, active transportation, green space development, and youth education.
Many volunteers at Winfield Shores Harbour Park, this year's Depave Paradise project in Lakefield, were older adults who continue to lead the maintenance of the parkette in their neighbourhood. Enhancing urban spaces using the principles of universal design, which meets the needs of all people regardless of age or ability, will be even more important as the percentage of people in the Peterborough area who are over 65 continues to increase in the next 25 years. (Photo: Hayley Goodchild / GreenUP)

Designing urban spaces in communities like Peterborough to include the needs of older adults...

GreenUP is hosting a free virtual session on exploring age-friendly design on November 25.
We often consider some plants weeds and overlook their beauty, symbolism, and ecological functions. The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) is appreciated for its symbolism and beauty but, like many pioneer or ruderal plants, it is actually considered an agricultural weed even though it serves important ecological functions by healing damaged and disrupted soil. (Photo: Jill Bishop)

Why the poppy symbolizes both the devastation of war and the promise of peace

On the flower of remembrance's 100th anniversary, GreenUP explains the poppy's ecological significance.
Performer Tim Holland carries a sign that says "Over 350ppm is too high" in the 2019 'Fridays for Future' global climate strike event in Peterborough. Scientific consensus states that 350 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the maximum threshold for sustainable human civilization on the planet. We are currently at over 413 parts per million. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000 years. (Photo: Leif Einarson)

Three local environmental experts discuss United Nations COP26 and why it matters globally and...

Communities like Peterborough can show leadership as Canada falls behind its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Some appliances, including televisions and home entertainment systems, continue to use standby power and draw electricity even when they are turned off. You can prevent devices from using "phantom power" by plugging them into a power bar and turning it off when you aren't using the devices. (Photo: Wikimed

Learn how to fight power-sucking phantoms, close energy portals, stop burning ghosts, and more

Tips from Peterborough GreenUP on making your home more energy efficient and saving money.
Green Economy Peterborough, a project of GreenUP, launched in April 2021 with more founding members than any other Green Economy Hub in Canada. Through coaching, educational opportunities, peer networking, and events such as the free Green Business Basics webinar series, the local network helps its members identify, set, and achieve sustainability goals while improving their bottom line. (Photo: Ben Hargreaves)

Green Economy Peterborough shows local businesses how climate action is also good for the...

GreenUP project launching first of four free 'Green Business Basics' webinars on October 28.

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