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For more than 20 years, GreenUP has been central and eastern Ontario's leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship. GreenUP is a non-profit charity and an active community organization that offers dozens of programs and services to those living in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. GreenUP's programs focus on facilitating positive action and provide the tools to make small changes in the home or cottage that can create a large and lasting impact on our environment. You can follow GreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
A group of participants in GreenUP's 2021 Girl's Climate Leadership Program study the habitat of Meade Creek with the leadership of Jenn McCallum, environmental education technician with Lower Trent Conservation. Education about our natural environment can empower us to protect our natural world. (Photo: Genevieve Ramage)

Summer camps can provide many more benefits than just summer fun

Peterborough GreenUP explains how they can be powerful tools for youth development, socialization, and climate leadership.
Although maple syrup is quinessentially identified with Canadians, European settlers learned how to make it from Indigenous peoples who had been harvesting sap from maples for centuries for its healing and nourishing powers. Anishinaabe words for the sap of the maple tree include wiishkabaaboo (sweet water), ziisbaakwadaaboo (sugar water), and ninaatigwaaboo (maple tree water). Today, human-induced climate change is threatening southern Ontario's maple forests. (Stock photo)

‘Sweet water’ of sugar maple connects us to Indigenous heritage and settler traditions

Climate change threatens southern Ontario's maple forests and our beloved maple syrup.
Rather than spreading salt around your property, consider more environmentally friendly alternatives like sand, non-clumping kitty litter, or even fireplace ashes. The GreenUP Store also carries Clean and Green Ice Melter by Swish, an ice-melter that's gentle on vegetation, concrete, water, and floors. It's not corrosive and is completely safe to handle with bare hands, so it's safer around children and pets too. It also more effective than salt when it's extremely cold, as it will continues to melt ice at -22° C. (Photo: Karen Halley)

Reduce your use of road salt this winter and help protect our drinking water

Consider alternatives that work at lower temperatures and are better for your property, your pets, and the environment.
A family walking to school along the Trent-Severn Waterway spots a large bird in a nearby tree. Is it a hawk, an eagle, or an owl? These aerial predators are common sights at this time of year and can make for exciting wildlife sightings during a winter walk to school. (Photo: Genevieve Ramage for GreenUP)

Walking to school is good for kids and families, even in the winter

GreenUP and Active School Travel Peterborough share five benefits of including active transportation in your daily routine.
This Valentine's Day, material expressions of love can have the desired impact without adversely impacting the environment. The GreenUP Store carries locally made soaps and bath bombs by Simply Natural Canada, cards by Jackson Creek Press, and folk art coffee-lover hearts by Brianna Gosselin. (Photo courtesy of the GreenUP Store)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts that show your love for the environment too

There are locally sourced and fair trade alternatives to mass-produced cards, chocolate, and flowers.
Cara Livingston commuting by bike on a nice sunny winter's day at -20°C. Before joining Winter Wheels, an annual program offered by B!KE: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop for people who have limited experience with winter riding, Cara only cycled in the winter if absolutely necessary. (Photo: Jacob Bozek)

With a little preparation, you too can enjoy cycling in the winter

Peterborough resident Cara Livingston shares her winter biking experience after joining B!KE's Winter Wheels program.
"Conserving Catchacoma" by Toronto-born documentary filmmaker Mitch Bowmile is one of 71 documentaries screening at the virtual 2022 ReFrame Film Festival from January 27 to February 4. The film raises awareness about the largest-known stand of old-growth eastern hemlock in Canada, located in a area of the Kawarthas known as the Catchacoma Forest. Pictured is Dr. Peter Quinby, chief scientist with the Peterborough-based non-profit Ancient Forest Exploration & Research. (Photo courtesy of Mitch Bowmile)

Connecting with the environment and community at the 2022 ReFrame Film Festival

Nine environmental and social justice films to see at the virtual festival running from January 27 to February 4.
A winter garden is one that has been designed to provide ornamental appeal and ecological benefits during the winter months. Pictured are the seed heads of Bowman's root (Gillenia trifoliata) after a winter snowfall. (Photo: Hayley Goodchild / GreenUP)

Tips from Peterborough GreenUP on how to design your own ‘winter garden’

Winter gardens can add visual interest, provide wildlife habitat, and reduce household energy use.
Performer Megan Murphy at 4th Line Theatre's Winslow Farm in Millbrook. The outdoor theatre's managing artistic director Kim Blackwell, whose "green wish" for 2022 is that everyone takes stock of their carbon footprint, says 4th Line will be looking at ways to cut down on waste and garbage at the farm property. (Photo: Jess McDougall)

‘Green wishes’ for 2022 from Peterborough’s cultural leaders and community activists

The third of a three-part series from GreenUP where local visionaries share their environmental hopes for the new year.
For Our Grandchildren board member Scott McKinlay photographed this barred owl through his living room window. McKinlay's "green wish" for 2022 is that we continue to find, preserve, and nurture opportunities to reconnect with our natural roots. (Photo: Scott McKinlay)

‘Green wishes’ for 2022 from Peterborough’s environmental and social justice leaders

The second of a three-part series from GreenUP where local visionaries share their environmental hopes for the new year.

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