City of Peterborough leaf and yard waste collection begins April 2

Dates for green waste collection in City of Peterborough, Peterborough County, City of Kawartha Lakes, and Northumberland County

A man with a rake cleaning up leaves in the spring

We’re not quite there yet, but it’s almost time to start cleaning up the yard and garden.

If you live in the City of Peterborough, you put out your green waste for weekly collection beginning the first week of April on your regular garbage and recycling day.

In the County of Peterborough, curbside collection is offered in 10 communities in late April and May.

In Northumberland County, monthly curbside green waste collection begins in mid-April.

In the City of Kawartha Lakes, there are two dates for curbside collection in June (you’ll have to take your green waste to a landfill before then).

In Hastings and Haliburton counties, you’ll need to check with your local municipality to see if curbside collection is offered.

More details are available below:

City of Peterborough

The City of Peterborough’s green waste collection begins on Tuesday, April 2nd. Leaf and yard waste will be collected at the curb on your regular garbage and recycling collection day.

Green waste must be in paper yard waste bags, bushel baskets, or a garbage bin labelled with a city-issued “Green Waste” stickers. The stickers are free and are available at City Hall, Peterborough GreenUP, and local Home Hardware stores (Merritt on Lansdowne Street and Kingan on Simcoe Street).

While there are no limits on the amount of green waste you can put out for collection, plastic bags will not be accepted.

Weekly green waste collection will continue in Peterborough through until the last week of November.

For more information, visit


County of Peterborough

Curbside collection of yard waste is available in 10 communities in the County of Peterborough: Bridgenorth, Donwood, Havelock, Keene, Lang, Lakefield, Millbrook, North Monaghan, Norwood, and the Terraview Heights and Woodland Acres areas.

Spring collection begins in late April, but specific dates for each community are not yet available. Check the County of Peterborough website at

Place all yard waste in paper bags or reusable containers and bundle branches, and place at the curb before 7 a.m. on your collection day. There are no limits and no tags required for leaf and yard materials.

Drop-off programs are available for all other locations in the county. Contact your local township for more information on the Leaf and Yard Drop-Off Program in your area.


City of Kawartha Lakes

If you live in the City of Kawartha Lakes, there isn’t regular curbside collection of green waste. Instead, there are two dates in late spring when the city will collect green waste.

This spring’s dates are Friday, June 7th (if your regular collection day is Tuesday or Thursday) and on Friday, June 21st (if your regular collection day is Tuesday or Thursday). All leaf and yard waste must be set out in paper bags or neatly bundled, and plastic bags are not allowed. Grass clippings, sod, and soil will not be collected.

If you don’t want to wait until June, or if you have green waste that isn’t allowed at curbside collection, you can take it to a city waste management facility (landfill) yourself. For more information about landfill locations and hours, visit


Northumberland County

For residents of Northumberland County, curbside leaf and yard waste is collected every month from mid-April to mid-December, on a different specific week depending on where you live.

Green waste is not collected on your regular garbage and recycling day. Instead, put your green waste at the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your collection week and it will be collected sometime during that week.

Green waste must be put in paper bags and brush must be tied in small bundles. There is no limit on the number of bags or bundles you can put out for collection, but each bag or bundle must weigh less than 18 kg (40 lbs). Materials placed in plastic bags will not be collected, and garbage, litter, pet waste or soil is not accepted.

For details, see the 2019 Waste & Recycling Collection calendar.


Hastings and Haliburton Counties

While there is no county-wide collection of green waste in Hastings and Haliburton Counties, some municipalities may provide curbside collection while others may require you to take green waste to a landfill. Contact your municipality to find out what services are available, if any, and collection dates.