Cobourg police announce community initiative to reclaim abandoned shopping carts

Residents encouraged to report any carts they encounter, with pick-up scheduled to begin May 18

An abandoned shopping cart. (Photo: Pam Lane / Flickr)
An abandoned shopping cart. (Photo: Pam Lane / Flickr)

Cobourg police have announced a new initiative to reclaim abandoned shopping carts.

In collaboration with local businesses and apartment complexes, the “Cart Reclaim Project” will see shopping carts left on properties, other than the retail locations to which they belong, collected and returned to their owners.

“We are taking action to ensure that our streets, parks, and properties remain clean and safe for everyone to enjoy,” reads a media release from the Cobourg Police Service. “This initiative not only helps to beautify our community but also prevents potential hazards these carts can cause when left unattended.”

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Police are encouraging Cobourg residents to report any abandoned shopping carts they encounter by calling the Cobourg Police Service at 905-372-6821 or emailing Sergeant Janice MacDonald at

“Your vigilance and cooperation are vital to the success of this project,” the release states.

The collection of abandoned shopping carts is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 18th. Police are asking property owners who have abandoned shopping carts on their premises to ensure they are ready for collection by that date.