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Michael Fazackerley is a regular contributor to kawarthaNOW with the monthly "Art in the Street" column. He is an enthusiastic promoter of Peterborough & the Kawarthas vibrant arts community and a big fan and supporter of all the music, culture, and quality of life that Peterborough and the area has to offer. You can follow Michael on Twitter @1calledmichael.
The poetic one-act play "Myrmidon", performed by Kate Story and Curtis Driedger, is featured at Public Energy's Emergency #21 festival running March 26-29 in Peterborough. Kate and Curtis Driedger already participated in a brave adventure getting this photo taken on the Otonabee River in February. (Photo: Wayne Eardley)

A mystical river journey and aerial dance debut at Emergency #21

Public Energy's annual festival of new dance and performance by Peterborough-area artists runs March 26 to 29.
Brian Nichols' silk-screened faces are on display at Peterborough's Gallery in the Attic during the month of March

Art in the Street – March 2015

Featuring Brian Nichols, Joe Stable, Janet Howse, Jeff Macklin, and Jen Aitken,
The self-conscious title of Anne Cavanagh's "Drama Queen" belies the soft energy of this affective piece: its drama is quiet and powerful.

Art in the Street – February 2015

Featuring Anne Cavanagh at Gallery in the Attic, Theresa Ganz at Evans Contemporary, and ON Edge at Artspace.
Public Energy is bringing works by renowned international choreographers Vincent Mantsoe and Aharona Israel to the Market Hall in Peterborough in February. The two artists will also be giving free public talks. (Photo: Daniel Aimie/Aharona Israel)

Public Energy brings renowned international choreographers to Peterborough

February performances at The Market Hall and public talks with South Africa's Vincent Mantsoe and Israel's Aharona Israel.
In "Pest", artist Amy Swartz combines her insect specimens and incorporates various heads and limbs from toys and figurines. The resulting hybrids are at turns curious, whimsical, beautiful, and disturbing to behold. (Photo courtesy of Artspace.)

Art in the Street – January 2015

Featuring Amy Swartz, Kristie MacDonald, Rebecca Last, Christy Haldane, Shannon Taylor, Peers Christensen, and Eric McKibbon
In this painting by Laura Madera, light is at the dazzling limit of overexposure. It's almost overwhelming, but it makes you want to gaze and gaze. (Photo: Evans Contemporary)

Art in the Street – December 2014

Featuring Laura Madera, Joanne Calderone, Barb Hawthorn, Lisa Martini-Dunk, and John Marris.
Detail from John Climenhage's "float (canoe lake"). Sometimes the distinction between object and reflection comes into question as we're drawn into parallax.

Art in the Street – November 2014

Featuring John Climenhage, Esther Vincent, Paul Nabuurs, and Art School of Peterborough's Appetite for Art fundraiser
Ceramics from artists Gail West and Angelo di Petta, on display at the Art Gallery of Peterborough as part of the Selections Exhibition from the 30th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

Art in the Street – October 2014

Featuring artists from the Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour and Dennis Tourbin.
Peterborough Artsweek 2014 wraps up with a celebration of the work of the late acclaimed multimedia artist and Artspace co-founder Dennis Tourbin. Pictured is October Fragments, one of Dennis Tourbin's works slated to be displayed at The National Gallery of Canada in 1995 but cancelled due to fears of inflaming political tensions. (Copyright: The Estate of Dennis Tourbin, CARCC, 2013)

Celebrating Dennis Tourbin, one of Peterborough’s art world luminaries

"Totally Multi" wraps up Artsweek Peterborough at the Market Hall on September 13.
ZimArt's 2014 artist-in-residence Vengai Chiwawa poses with his "Romeo and Juliet". A remarkably similar story to the Shakespeare play is told in Zimbabwe. (Photo: Paul Hodgkinson)

Art in the Street – September 2014

Featuring Vengai Chiwawa, Gary Blundell, and Jane Eccles and Frances Ferdinands

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