Gluten-Free Goodness in a Glass

Fresh, sparkling, and gluten free, County and Waupoos Cider is Astrid Young’s go-to summer drink

Waupoos Cider (photo by The County Cider Company)
Waupoos Cider (photo by The County Cider Company)

While she’s a huge fan of wine, sommelier Astrid Young says one of the hottest drinks for summer is The County Cider Company’s own County Cider or Waupoos Cider.

“These are semi-sweet and sparkling, which is ideal. It’s really our go-to drink in the summer, especially in this heat,” says Astrid.

Made from heritage cider variety apples as opposed to concentrate, which most of the big brands are made from, County and Waupoos Cider are grown and produced in Prince Edward County.

“It’s considered to be one of the top ten ciders in the world. And it’s gluten-free,” Astrid says.

County Cider (photo by The County Cider Company)
County Cider (photo by The County Cider Company)
“Sometimes you’re looking for something that isn’t beer, and isn’t wine. Cider is incredibly versatile and can be matched with all kinds of food, but especially pork – ribs, pulled pork and chops. It’s got lots of fruitiness which makes it a great pairing with just about any type of cheese.”

County Cider (LCBO #459370) or Waupoos Cider (LCBO #612804) are available at the local LCBO. Enjoy!

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