Hannah Routly – Health Services Foundation

Health Services Foundation Executive Director talks about her work and downtown passions

Hannah Routly (photo: Carol Lawless)
Hannah Routly (photo: Carol Lawless)

What three achievements are you most proud of since becoming the Executive Director at the Health Services Foundation in 2009?

“Our on-going volunteer program which helps to facilitate and support the work we do at the Foundation. We have a full roster of individuals. The fact we have people approaching us to volunteer speaks to how well run the program is.

We are the first Foundation to work with Family Health Teams. It’s a prime example of how the Foundation continues to forge new partnerships unlike any in the province of Ontario. At the same time, we remain true to and honour our Foundation’s legacy.

Now in its third year, the Peterborough Speakers Series is an event that helps to build awareness to the good work we do at the Foundation, while shining a spotlight on some exceptional contributors to our community.”

What is the mandate of the Health Services Foundation?

“Our mission is to focus on developing innovative programs and projects that improve out of hospital health care in the county and city of Peterborough.”

What is your favorite thing to do in downtown Peterborough?

“I love window shopping. The fact I can walk out the door from our office and in minutes be a part of all the great things going on downtown, is amazing.

What is your greatest hope for the community you serve?

“To continue to work together, to collaborate, to avoid duplication and achieve success so that we may continue to enjoy the level of health care we have access to in this community.”

I understand you are very thrifty, and you always look great. Where do you shop?

“It’s funny you asked that because today is the first day in weeks I’m wearing something that isn’t vintage. I inherited that trait from my grandmother. There’s a chain of thrift stores on the East Coast called Frenchy’s and she owned one. She always sent us clothing and little gems when we were growing up and she’s passed that love of getting a great deal on to me.”

Where is your favorite place to eat in downtown Peterborough?

“St. Veronus. I love the pork tenderloin with my favorite beer on the menu, Achel Brune.”

What projects are you currently working on at the Health Services Foundation?

“We’re in the process of finalizing a project to put Power Exam Tables in all of the five networked Family Health Teams. It’s one of the biggest projects to date that is the result of funds raised at Festival of Trees, the Hewitt Family Oncology Endowment and monies from various businesses and service clubs. It’s a project that truly demonstrates the impact the Foundation has had in providing equipment, research and education, for the Family Health Teams.”

How has the creation of the Family Health Teams impacted our community?

“It’s saved family medicine. It’s keeping us out of the emergency rooms. Because of the Family Health Teams we have access to dieticians, nurse practitioners, mental health clinicians, pharmacists and clinical staff — all within one team. I don’t know anywhere else where people have access to this level of care. In many ways, it’s Peterborough’s best-kept secret.”