Peterborough police auction moves online this year

Police Auctions Canada website includes items from 19 police services across Canada

Gavel on a keyboard

If you’ve been waiting for the annual spring Peterborough Police auction to snag a deal or two, you’ll have to go online this year.

For the first time, the Peterborough Police Service auction is being run by Police Auctions Canada, a website that features items from 19 different police services across Canada as well as four universities.

“A live auction is weather dependent, necessitates that people attend in person, and requires a sufficient number of items to attract many potential buyers in order to have competitive bidding prices,” says Inspector Lynne Buehler, Support Services Division.

“In an online auction bidders can be anywhere and can place their bid at any time. An online auction is less labour intensive for our property and evidence staff, will make it easier for people to purchase items, and will generate more revenue for the Peterborough Police Services Board auction fund.”

Bidding for all items starts at one dollar. For more information on the online auction, to see what items are available, or to place a bid, visit

Note that items offered on the Police Auctions Canada website are not organized by police service, but by category. So you can’t search for items only offered by the Peterborough Police Service.

The items submitted by the Peterborough police include 93 bicycles, jewellery, electronics, and high-end designer clothing.

The revenue received from the auction items goes into the Peterborough Police Services Board Auction Fund. The police use auction funds for award and recognition programs, community policing consultations, rewards for major crimes, and similar non-operating costs in the public interest.

For more information on the auction fund, visit