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Becca Partington lives in Norwood and works to address emotional awareness and adeptness with youth engagement and caregiver support programs. She’s the mother of two, a caregiver to her son (Type 1 diabetic) and mom (stroke survivor) and a lover of good hugs and good friends. She advocates for her passions along side her work partner at and
CAST Canada is hosting a series of sessions called "The Cost of Caring" designed to respond to issues of caregiver burnout while talking directly to the role of loss, grief, communication and other factors that can overwhelm caregivers. Becca Partington, who is a family caregiver herself, will be facilitating the sessions along with Tom Regehr of CAST Canada. Becca is also a class leader for the Powerful Tools for Caregivers program, which was borne out of the need to support caregivers with the knowledge that physical well-being takes a backseat and the long-term health effects of stress can be deadly. (Photo courtesy of Becca Partington)

The cost of caring: identifying burnout before you burn out

Supportive education sessions in Peterborough and Northumberland for those working as PSWs, nurses, caregivers, and home supports.

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