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Donna Clarke
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Donna Clarke is a keen observer of political and community life who also happens to be the wife of Peterborough Councillor and Deputy Mayor Henry Clarke. Donna's views are her own, and do not necessarily reflect those of her husband,, or our sponsors or advertisers.
Community Services Director Ken Doherty speaking at the Committee of the Whole meeting on March 27, 2017. Peterborough City Council declined to apply for heritage designation to the two historic downtown Peterborough buildings currently housing The Pig's Ear Tavern and the Black Horse Pub. Local lawyer Ann Farquharson has called this decision a "disgrace". (Photo: City of Peterborough)

Opinion: Lawyer should stick to facts about council decision on downtown Peterborough development

Ann Farquharson's opinions contain inaccuracies, personal attacks, and innuendo.
At the Committee of the Whole meeting on March 7, 2016, Town Ward Councillor Diane Therrien tabled a motion to form a citizens' committee to review councillor remuneration. The motion was carried to be voted on at a future City Council meeting. (Photo: City of Peterborough)

Opinion: should Peterborough City Council receive a raise?

Councillors carry motion to form citizens' committee to review their remuneration.
Donna Clarke scans the crowd as husband Henry speaks to an interested voter at Electionfest, held on October 22 at the Envinrude Centre (photo: Sam Tweedle)

And So It Goes …

A Councillor's wife reminisces on Peterborough's 2014 election campaign.

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