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With her finger on the pulse of the Peterborough arts scene, Shannon Taylor is committed to keeping you up to date on all the latest news and trends. Shannon's interests range from audio visual installation to drawing and painting in her signature whimsical style. You may run into Shannon in the great outdoors, sketchbook in hand, or at a local art opening. Follow her on Twitter @shannonmichelet and on Instagram at @shannonmicheletaylor.
A detail from "Quebec Cabin, From the River, in Spring" by Jennifer Churchill, whose series of bold and bright contemporary landscapes depicting the Canadian North is currently on display at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden. (Photo courtesy of the artist)

artNOW – December 2018

Featuring The Art of Gifting, Colleen Schindler-Lynch, 'On the Move', Focus Fair, Jennifer Churchill, and more.
Detail of 'Hopscotch', one of a series of abstract paintings by Andrew Cripps on display this November at Coeur Nouveau in downtown Peterborough. The show opens at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 2nd, in conjunction with the First Friday Art Crawl. (Photo courtesy of Coeur Nouveau)

artNOW – November 2018

Featuring Melissa General, Book & Zine Fest, Art School of Peterborough, Alex Jack, Joe Hall and Joe Stable, Paolo Fortin, Mara Eagle, Sarah Gibeault, and Andrew Cripps.
A detail from Jordan Dunlop's painting 'On a Thread to Connect All Others'. This piece will be on display alongside a selection of Jordan's recent work at the Star X Gallery, opening on Friday, October 5th at 6 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Star X)

artNOW – October 2018

Featuring works by Connie Van Rijn, Amy Malbeuf, Jamie Macaulay, Jordan Dunlop, Justine Bauer, Jaqueline Quinn, Donna Ireland, Kerri Niemi, Joe Stable, and more.
'Would Be' (graphite, pastel and watercolour on paper, 28" x 22") by Jay Dart, whose work will be on display as part of his show 'Welcome to Yawnder' at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden through September. (Image courtesy of the artist)

artNOW – September 2018

Featuring Jay Dart, Mary Hutchinson, Gerald Banting, Michael Green, Russell Banx, Wayne Eardley, and more.
Artist Paul Kelly's 'Reflections' exhibition, pictured here at the WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay in May, is coming to the Arts and Heritage Centre in Warkworth in August. (Photo: WKP Kennedy Gallery / Facebook)

artNOW – August 2018

Featuring Paul Kelly, Tutani Mgabazi, Paul Chester, garbageface, Mary Catherine Newcomb, young artists from Curve Lake First Nation, and more.
'Meeting of the Minds, Vesica Pisces Series' by Stan Olthius, whose new work will be featured in July at the Star X gallery in downtown Peterborough. (Photo courtesy of the artist)

artNOW – July 2018

Featuring works by Moses Amik, Rod Mireau, Ivan Eyre, Simon Benedict, Stan Olthius, Ann Jaeger, Wayne Eardley, and more.
A detail of 'Sun Breaking Through' by artist Shannon Taylor, kawarthaNOW's arts columnist and finalist for the inaugural Peterborough Arts Awards. A series of her composite landscape pieces will be on display at Christensen Fine Art in downtown Peterborough from June 1 to 23, 2018. (Photo courtesy of the artist)

artNOW – June 2018

Featuring Jenny Kastner, Colborne Street Gallery, Whetung Ojibwa Centre, Shannon Taylor, Joel Davenport, Nicolas Fleming, Rebecca Reynolds, Steven Leak, Art for Autism, and more.
Visitors to the Art Gallery of Peterborough looking at a painting by Keita Morimoto at the opening of the 'These things I Have Seen' exhibition, one of three exhibits on now at the gallery until June 24th. (Photo: Karol Orzechowski / Decipher Images)

artNOW – May 2018

Featuring Martha Eleen, Rowena Dykins, 50/50 Art Draw, Anne O'Callaghan, Tsēma Igharas, Peterborough Arts Awards, Chey Greig, Carolyn Code, and more.
'Requiem' by Anne Renouf, one of her latest series 'Unfurling' which will be showing at Christensen Fine Art in April, along with photographic collages by Corin Ford-Forrester as part of the SPARK Photo Festival. (Photo courtesy of Christensen Fine Art)

artNOW – April 2018

Featuring Peterborough Arts Awards, SPARK Photo Festival, Acorn + Oak adult creative camp, Art School of Peterborough art auction, Anne Renouf, Robert Atyeo, Eric Mckibbon, and more.
A painting by John Climenhage, one of a series on display at Star X gallery in downtown Peterborough during March. (Photo courtesy of Star X)

artNOW – March 2018

Featuring Lara Kramer, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Jane and Ron Eccles, Laura Findlay, Holly Edwards, John Climenhage, Connie Van Rijn, Andrew Cripps, and more.

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