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With her finger on the pulse of the Peterborough arts scene, Shannon Taylor is committed to keeping you up to date on all the latest news and trends. Shannon's interests range from audio visual installation to drawing and painting in her signature whimsical style. You may run into Shannon in the great outdoors, sketchbook in hand, or at a local art opening. Follow her on Twitter @shannonmichelet and on Instagram at @shannonmicheletaylor.
One of Sarah Gibeault's hooked rug wall sculptures from her show 'Hunt, Hunt Again', currently on display at Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre of Warkworth. (Photo courtesy of Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre of Warkworth)

artNOW – November 2017

Featuring Jude Griebel, Elizabeth Charchuk, Precarious Festival, Mark Reutter, META4 Gallery, Sarah Gibeault, Bill Batten, Spencer J. Harrison, and more.
'Studies in Light and Energy no.128' by Rebecca Last who, along with painter Janet Read, is featured at Christensen Fine Art in Peterborough this month. (Photo courtesy of Christensen Fine Art)

artNOW – October 2017

Featuring Mamoru Tsukada, Andrew Cripps, Janet Read and Rebecca Last, Carol Forbes, Gwyneth Fischer, and more.
"Hill #1", of the Hills and Lines series by Jane LowBeer, will be on display at the Arts and Heritage Centre in Warkworth during September. (Photo courtesy of Jane LowBeer)

artNOW – September 2017

Featuring Coeur Nouveau, Shelley Alder, Paolo Fortin, Joe Stable, Jane LowBeer, Peer Christensen, Watson & Lou, In(Sites), and more.
Detail of Patrick Stewart's "Summer Number One", one of his abstract paintings on display at the Art Gallery of Bancroft until August 26. (Photo courtesy of Art Gallery of Bancroft)

artNOW – August 2017

Featuring Douglas Back, William Robinson, Patrick Stewart, Armand Tatossian, and Julia Carr-Wilson.
These handmade plates by Lakefield potter Gail West get their unique markings from horsehair. Fired at a whopping 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, horsehair is then immediately applied, and the resulting carbon burns into the porous clay creating these interesting markings. (Photo courtesy of Gail West)

artNOW – July 2017

Featuring Beth McCubbin sculptures, Peterborough gallery group shows, Gail West pottery, Art Gallery of Peterborough exhibitions, and more.
A detail of a recently discovered painting by the late Erik Loder. This newly unearthed series will be on display at Evans Contemporary for the month of June, with an opening reception on June 2. (Photo courtesy of Evans Contemporary)

artNOW – June 2017

Featuring work by Eric Loder, Connie Van Rijn, Sarah Gibeault, Dylan Miner, Mary Derrick, J.D. Kelly and Audrey Caryi, and more.
"On the Rocks, Peggy's Cove" by Marilyn Goslin, whose latest work will be display at Christensen Fine Art until May 31. (Photo courtesy of Christensen Fine Art)

artNOW – May 2017

Featuring Proximity Fine Art, Dylan Miner, Marilyn Goslin, Ann Jaeger, Joe Stable, Lorraine Thayer, and Art Pop-Ups.
A photograph by Anna McShane, part of the SPARK Photo Festival. Anna's photos will be on display alongside the work of Tara Molson at the Celtic Connection (25 Queen St., Lakefield) and a reception will be held on Thursday, April 6th from 1 to 3 p.m. (Photo courtesy of SPARK Photo Festival)

artNOW – April 2017

Featuring photography, painting, talks, fundraisers, a youth LGBTQ leadership camp, and more.
A detail from one of the works at Olivia Whetung's show "tibewh", opening March 3 at Artspace (photo courtesy of Artspace)

artNOW – March 2017

Featuring Artspace, Bancroft Art Gallery, Acme Art and Sailboat Co., Artists and Artisans Portrait Project, Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Studio, Arts and Heritage Centre, City of Peterborough Monument Project.
"Blue Ice", a large-scale photograph by Arnold Zageris from his latest series "Antarctica" (photo courtesy of Christensen Fine Art)

artNOW – February 2017

Featuring art about Antarctica, beautiful contemporary printmaking, a cool Zine Fest, a call for submissions by Public Energy, artsVest, and more.

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