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Articles by Tammy Simon

Tammy Simon
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Tammy Simon is a staff writer covering community news, food, the arts and entertainment. She is a foodie, a cat lover, and a photographer.
The Rocket Revue is Peterborough's 'swinginest and rockinest' rhythm and blues band

The Rocket Revue links Peterborough’s music scene to the Rock and Roll Hall of...

The ensemble rhythm and blues band performs at The Market Hall in Peterborough on Saturday, December 29, 2012.
Founder and organizer Jay Lough Hayes during the first Santas for Peterborough Seniors campaign in 2012 (photo: kawarthaNOW)

Santas for PTBO Seniors Spreading Holiday Cheer

Hundreds of Peterborough seniors will have Christmas gifts this year thanks to Jay Lough Hayes and Joy Daniels
Jess Melnik and Maryam Monsef, founders of the Red Pashmina Campaign

The Red Pashmina Campaign

The Red Pashmina Campaign in Peterborough has raised over $15,000 for the women of Afghanistan

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