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For more than 20 years, GreenUP has been central and eastern Ontario's leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship. GreenUP is a non-profit charity and an active community organization that offers dozens of programs and services to those living in the Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. GreenUP's programs focus on facilitating positive action and provide the tools to make small changes in the home or cottage that can create a large and lasting impact on our environment. You can follow GreenUP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Cuttings from Sumac, Spruce, Cedar, Birch, and Dogwood, and more, make beautiful natural holiday decorations, as seen outside the GreenUP Store on Aylmer Street. Holiday decorations made with natural items are simple to create and will biodegrade at the end of the season. (Photo: Karen Halley)

10 tips for planning a green holiday party

How to celebrate sustainably when entertaining friends and family.
Lansdowne Place has been recognized locally and nationally for its commitment to sustainability. Here the mall's security manager Keith Correia, marketing director Emily Dart, and operations manager Mario Serracino Place launch "A Greener Way to Clean Your Tray" in the Lansdowne Place Food Court. (Photo courtesy of Lansdowne Place)

Peterborough mall is community leader in sustainable business practices

Lansdowne Place's green initiatives include energy efficiency, waste diversion, recycling, and more.
Pesticide use is the suspected cause of the collapse of the bee colony at GreenUP's Ecology Park. This frame from one of the GreenUP Community Bee Keeping Program hives shows the diversity of pollen sources that honeybees are finding here in Peterborough. The variation of colour seen in each of the cells is caused by different types of pollen being collected and brought back to the hive. (Photo: Karen Halley, GreenUP)

Bee colony at GreenUP Ecology Park dies

Colony collapse disorder a reminder of importance of taking action to protect pollinators.
Heathy and smart water conservation habits can start early. The bathroom is a great place for kids to learn to turn the tap off when they brush, flush only the 3Ps, and take shorter showers. Each person in your household can save 15-20 litres of water per minute by turning off the tap while they brush.

Five simple tips for saving water in your home

Proper use of water makes treatment facilities more efficient and protects local waterways.
This year, the GreenUP Store sold 160 rain barrels, with $3,500 in subsidies for Peterborough Utilities Group customers. If you own a rain barrel, you can help protect your investment for years to come by preparing it for the cold weather now.

It’s time to winterize your rain barrel

Four easy steps to ensure your rain barrel lasts for many years.
Tom Reburn Jr., owner and operator of Leon's Peterborough, accessed lighting upgrade incentives in the amount of $4,120 with an ongoing estimated savings of $430 per month, and $5,000 annually, with newly installed energy efficient LED lighting (photo: Peterborough Distribution Inc.)

Leon’s Peterborough benefits from going green

Energy retrofit program saves retailer energy, cuts maintenance costs, and provides better lighting.
Making homemade Halloween decorations is a great way to reuse items laying around the house, cut down on disposable, single use decor, save money, and the planet. This house on Park Street in Peterborough has made a spooky front yard display with tree bark, scrap wood, and a little spray paint. (Photo: GreenUP)

Five tips for a green Halloween

How to make your Halloween more environmentally friendly.
GreenUP Ecology Park Garden Market Coordinator and resident tree expert, Vern Bastable, assists customers with choosing the right tree for their planting site. Staff will be on hand at The Little Autumn Tree Sale on October 16th with sale trees, shrubs, and plants starting at only $1. (Photo: Karen Halley)

Autumn is the best time to plant a tree

Choose the right tree at Ecology Park's fall tree sale on October 16.
Children from St. Alphonsus Catholic Elementary School, dressed as ECO-Superheros, celebrate the kick off of Car Free Wednesdays with Cool Captain Climate before joining their school on a group walk to St. Alphonsus Church. (Photo: Lindsay Stroud, GreenUP Manager of Transportation and Urban Design Programs)

Car Free Wednesdays help children get active and healthy

Walking to school makes students more alert and prepared to learn.
A child attending the Open Hive! event on September 24th holds a frame from one of the GreenUp Ecology Park's hives. Open Hive! Is a newcomer beekeeping drop-in session which is part of the GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program where attendees can explore the wonders of beekeeping and pollination ecology. (Photo: Karen Halley)

5 un-bee-lievable facts about honeybees

With photos from GreenUP Ecology Park's Open Hive! event on September 24.


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