Local Designer Tia Star promotes Peterborough as Gay Friendly for Pride Week 2012

Organizes action to promote gay friendly community

Tia Star promotes Gay Friendly Peterborough
Tia Star promotes Gay Friendly Peterborough - photo Carol Lawless

For Tia Star Pivirotto it’s about community, solidarity and above all else, positivity.

“I’m really focussed on seeking out the best in people and really embracing it,” says the 31-year-old fashion designer/retailer who recently expanded her on-line business when she opened a boutique at 188 Hunter Street West.

“We really wanted to show people who live here in Peterborough and the Kawarthas that this is a gay-friendly city,” Star adds. “We tried to have some type of designation in place before the Pride weekend kicked off but quickly realized it would take too much time.

“I talked it over with some close friends and my mother and decided if wanted to make it happen, we could just do it ourselves.”

Within a few hours Star had created a Facebook Page, Gay Friendly Peterborough and was organizing a photo shoot on Hunter in front of the rainbow mural just west of George Street. Star’s friend and local photographer Ash Nayler of Ash Nayler Photography helped her corral passersby to take part in the shoot.

Star is quick to point out that while she’s got the ball rolling, this is in no way about her.

“This is for everyone who lives in this amazing city and especially the young people who often struggle with their identity,” she explains. “It’s really important to come together as a community and celebrate everyone’s unique gifts and talents.”

“I’ve always believed this but I’m really connecting with other people, especially now that I’m part of the downtown, who feel the same way and are dedicated to making things happen.”