Musician Kayla Howran wants you to help finance her new record

Peterborough singer-songwriter launches crowdfunding campaign to record an album with producer Colin Cripps

Peterborough singer-songwriter Kayla Howran is looking for crowdfunding to finance her next record
Peterborough singer-songwriter Kayla Howran is looking for crowdfunding to finance her next record

Peterborough musician Kayla Howran has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help finance her upcoming new record.

Kayla plans to record a new album in March 2016 with producer Colin Cripps, a guitarist best known for his work with C&C Surf Factory, Blue Rodeo, The Jim Cuddy Band, Junkhouse, Kathleen Edwards, and more. She’ll be recording the album at The Bathouse Studio in Kingston, where artists like Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hig, and Kathleen Edwards have recorded.

“I met Kayla a couple of years ago and saw her play in a small club in Toronto,” Cripps says in her crowdfunding campaign video. “I thought I’d really like to work with her at some point. I was immediately taken by the uniquenesss and strength of her voice and personality and was impressed by how immediate and honest her music was.”

Kayla’s last album was her alt-country debut, Pistol, released in 2012 by Cameron House Records — the record label of the Toronto venue where she had a residency.

Exclaim! said “Here’s an album that, in a good way, sounds like it was recorded in Nashville in the early ’70s” and that “Howran’s strong, confident voice evokes Loretta and Tammy.”

Best known for singing country (musician Corin Raymond called her a “one-woman Opry”), Kayla says her new record will be something different.

“This upcoming album is premeditated, unlike my last,” she writes on her Indiegogo page. “In the past four years, I have learned so much and grown as both a person and a musician and you can expect this album to reflect that.”

Kayla estimates that making and releasing the new record will cost $15,000. She’ll be contributing her own money that she’s saved by working as a performer and a waitress, and is looking to friends and fans to help her raise the remaining $10,000.

“Expenses include the band, the studio, the producer, the engineer, mixing, and mastering,” she explains on Indiegogo. “This is where I’ve devised the $10,000 goal. There are other expenses to consider however including photography, artwork, design, CD/vinyl duplication, the video, creation, and follow through of this campaign, as well as marketing.”

“I wanted to put together the best situation for her, go to a great studio and work with great musicians,” Cripps adds. “This is part of the reason this fund is being initiated. We can do that for her. We can put her and her music in the best possible light.”

If you’re interested in supporting Kayla’s new record, you can contribute at

Various perks are available depending on how much you donate, from an advance digital download of the album before it’s officially released, to your own house concert with Kayla.

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