Tyler and Kassy Scott are selling Rare restaurant in downtown Peterborough

After owning the restaurant for three years, they say they have reconnected with their love of nature and want a lifestyle change

Tyler and Kassy Scott, owners of Rare restaurant in downtown Peterborough. (Photo: Kassy Scott)
Tyler and Kassy Scott, owners of Rare restaurant in downtown Peterborough. (Photo: Kassy Scott)

Rare owners Tyler and Kassy Scott are selling their restaurant in downtown Peterborough.

Kassy made the announcement on social media on Tuesday (April 12), citing the couple’s rediscovered love of the outdoors and the desire for a lifestyle change.

“I think all of us have gone through major self reflection over the last few years with the realities we have been faced with,” Kassy writes. “Tyler and I reconnected with our love for the outdoors. A love so strong and so deep that it has healed us mentally and physically in ways we never knew were possible.”

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“This healing changed who we are and it also re-aligned a lot of our values,” Kassy adds. “As soon as we accepted this as ‘growth’ it was no longer a question about how we picture spending the rest of our lives together both privately as a family and professionally within our careers.”

“We are selling the restaurant and are eagerly looking forward to our next phase of life where we can step further into nature and explore a separate business venture that will fill up our souls and bring us a slower, more peaceful, way of living our lives.”

The couple, who have two young daughters, purchased Rare Grill House from Brad and Katie Watt in 2019. At the time, Tyler was executive chef at the restaurant after being hired as a sous chef in 2013.

It is with strong emotions that we take the time today to write to you all. We have thought about this post many times…

Posted by Rare on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

In January 2020, the couple renovated the interior of the building and re-branded the restaurant as “Rare” — and then the pandemic hit two months later.

“What truly meant the most was when you were there for us during the ups and downs of the pandemic,” Kassy writes, thanking the restaurant’s customers. “Supporting us, lifting our spirits and cheering us on so that we could stay busy. So that Rare could continue to succeed and grow as we had always envisioned.”

While the couple provide no details on when they plan to sell the restaurant or whether there are any potential buyers, they say they will keep customers “in the loop and update you as we go through this overwhelming new process.”