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Paul Rellinger a.k.a Relly is an award-winning journalist and longtime former newspaper editor still searching for the perfect lead. When he's not putting pen to paper, Paul is on a sincere but woefully futile quest to own every postage stamp ever issued. A rabid reader of history, Paul claims to know who killed JFK but can't say out of fear for the safety of his oh so supportive wife Mary, his three wonderful kids and his three spirited grandchildren. Paul counts among his passions Peterborough's rich live music scene, the Toronto Maple Leafs, slopitch and retrieving golf balls from the woods. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @rellywrites.
While camping is normally allowed at many lockstations along the Trent-Severn Waterway, it is currenlty prohibited at Otonabee (Lock 23, pictured), Douro (Lock 24), and Sawer Creek (Lock 25) along the Otonabee River between Peterborough and Lakefield due to ongoing infrastruture projects. At least two local residents have observed many tents set up at pull-off areas along County Road 32 (River Road), especially during the weekends, with visitors leaving garbage and publicly defecating in the area. (Photo: Parks Canada)

Camping, littering, and public defecation alongside Otonabee River bringing more attention to a growing...

Fears that land between County Road 32 and the Otonabee River will become 'a dumping ground' fuels Facebook anger.
Woman wearing a black non-medical face mask while shopping

Peterborough Public Health encourages use of face masks but won’t make them mandatory yet

With no active cases of COVID-19, local medical officer of health prefers to rely on education
The picturesque community of Burleigh Falls on Highway 28 north of Peterborough has seen weeks of "mayhem" due to a large influx of visitors following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in overcrowding, defecating, trespassing, intoxication, litter, vandalism, assault, and more. Jennifer Craig, general manager and operations manager of Burleigh Falls Inn and Suites, has made a plea on Facebook for visitors to show respect that has since gone viral. (Photo: Nash Gordon / CC BY-SA (

Recent ‘mayhem’ at Burleigh Falls prompts local business operator to say enough is enough

Huge increase of visitors has resulted in overcrowding, defecating, trespassing, intoxication, litter, vandalism, assault, and more.
Although face masks are not mandatory, Peterborough medical officer of health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra strongly recommends wearing a face mask, particularly by anyone receiving personal or health care services.

Ten days with no new COVID-19 cases in Peterborough means no mandatory face masks...

But medical officer of health strongly recommends wearing them and cautions we're 'not on the other side' of pandemic yet.
Blue heroin — heroin mixed with fentanyl — seized by Peterborough police in 2019. According to Canada's chief medical officer of health, street drugs across Canada have been increasingly laced with fentanyl during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a dramatic increase in overdose deaths. Fentanyl is a synthetic opiod that is more potent than heroin and can cause a toxic buildup and lead to overdose faster and in lower doses. (Photo: Peterborough Police Service)

Rash of overdose deaths eclipse COVID-19 recovery as Peterborough medical officer of health’s major...

Dr. Rosanna Salvaterra reports there have been 24 drug-related fatalities this year, half of those in May and June.
Effective June 28, 2020, Peterborough Transit is reducing the number of bus routes from 12 to nine, with only five routes going directly to the downtown Peterborough bus terminal instead of the current 12. The changes are intended to reduce crowding at the bus terminal as a health and safety measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bus drivers were surprised by the announcement of the major overhaul of transit routes and have some concerns with the speed of the changes, according to the local union president. (Photo: City of Peterborough)

Speed of roll-out of new Peterborough Transit routes creates consternation among bus drivers

Union local president says drivers will have to 'hit the ground running' when new routes begin on June 28.
Lindsay was one of the municipalities involved in the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Program, which the Ford government prematurely cancelled in 2019. Hamilton photographer Jessie Golem's "Humans of Basic Income" photographic series showed the human side of the Ontario government's decision to cancel the program. Since the federal government's Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) esssentially provided a basic income for those unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some public health units in Ontario are calling on the federal government to develop a guaranteed basic income program for all Canadians. (Photo: Jesse Golem)

Kawartha Lakes health unit backs a determined push for a guaranteed basic income

Health unit's governing board of health endorses a Simcoe Muskoka plea that the federal government revisit the issue now and take action.
Peterborough medical officer of health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra recommends that people wear non-medical masks where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, such as when taking public transit. "It should be standard practice for anyone going into a store", she says.

‘Keep vigilant’ during stage two reopening, cautions Peterborough’s medical officer of health

Dr. Rosanna Salvaterra recommends people wear face coverings wherever physical distancing is difficult.
A home in Lakefield is flying a Confederate flag along with the Canadian flag. Peterborough resident Mark L. Craighead objects to the display of the flag as a symbol of hate that has no place in society. (Photo courtesy of Mark L. Craighead)

Peterborough man on a mission to have display of Confederate flag made illegal

Mark L. Craighead say flag displayed at a Lakefield property is 'a symbol of hate' that has no place in today's world.
A waiter with a mask serves two customers on a patio

Peterborough Public Health warns residents not to let their guard down during stage two...

Medical officer of health says Peterborough region could return to stage one status if positive cases spike.

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