Watch the ‘Connected By Canoe’ video from The Canadian Canoe Museum

Short film of sesquicentennial project in May shares message of Canadians 'pulling together'

A screenshot from the new 'Connected By Canoe' video from The Canadian Canoe Museum.
A screenshot from the new 'Connected By Canoe' video from The Canadian Canoe Museum.

The Canadian Canoe Museum has released a short film documenting its “Connected by Canoe” project from this past May.

The sesquicentennial project involved 18 paddlers travelling the Rideau Waterway from Kingston to Ottawa in a 36-foot Voyageur canoe from May 3 to 11, 2017.

The journey began as a way to bring greetings from The Canadian Canoe Museum to attendees at the annual Community Foundations of Canada conference in Ottawa.

It was also intended to share a message that the canoe is not only an important part of the history of Canada and of Indigenous peoples, but is also a metaphor for reconciliation, diversity, equality, and sustainability. The participating paddlers came from a diversity of background, including Indigenous people and an emigrant from Kenya.

VIDEO: Connected by Canoe

Through shots of the Rideau Canal, the Voyageur canoe, and the many participants, the six-minute film by Goh Iromoto and Courtney Boyd shares details about the project through the voices of its participants.

By releasing the video, the museum is hoping others will pick up the idea and take on their own projects of discovery under the “Connected by Canoe” banner.

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