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Pat Trudeau is a local photographer, blogger and community observer. You can find Pat on Twitter at @pattrudeau as well as at the Trudeau Photography website, 500px, and Instagram. Pat's views are his own. They do not necessarily reflect those of or our sponsors or advertisers.
Roshan Holdings has been trying to develop the land at The Parkway and Crawford Drive since 2005 (photo: Pat Trudeau)

Peterborough’s Ugly Gateway

After almost 8 years, the land at The Parkway and Crawford Drive remains in development limbo.
Protest in Sacramento in 2008 against the passage of Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in California (photo: Shutterstock)

Are We Really Progressive?

Let's stop telling people who they can love and start dealing with real problems.
St. Joseph's at Fleming (photo: Pat Trudeau)

Meltdown at St. Joseph’s

While CUPE is focused on budget problems, we're left asking who will be accountable.
After three years of treatment, Ethan Howcroft celebrates being cancer-free (photo: Pat Trudeau)

Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Ethan's fortitude and optimism make this young boy a true hero.
The Quaker plant in Peterborough as seen from the Hunter St. bridge (photo: Pat Trudeau)

Keeping Score

Is the GPA EDC winning or losing the economic development game?
Jackson Creek Park (photo: Pat Trudeau)

A Bridge Too Far

Peterborough needs to deal with The Parkway extension - just maybe not yet.
Most people attending the March 18th Peterborough City Council meeting were against the idea of a casino in the city (photo: still from CHEX Newswatch coverage)

A Casino in Peterborough? Redux

Peterborough City Council ignores the voices of city residents yet again.
Do the benefits of a casino outweigh the drawbacks?

A Casino in Peterborough?

City council is gambling with Peterborough's future.
Shoppers Drug Mart has locations with buildings matching neighbourhood aesthetics and with rear parking, like this store in Alymer (photo: Google Street View)

Shoppers Drug Mart vs. Peterborough

We don't want a suburban-style store downtown and Shoppers doesn't have to build one.
Graffiti in Peterborough (photo: Pat Trudeau)

A Violent Peterborough

Installing security cameras downtown will help police, but won't address the root causes of crime.

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