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Kristian Partington is a freelance writer based in Norwood, Ontario, who covers a range of subjects, from music and art to health and aging in society. He can be reached at or visit You can also follow him on Twitter @kjpartington.
"Cuisine for a Cure", a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, takes place on November 9, 2018 at The Venue in downtown Peterborough. Pictured is 12-year-old Eli Partington of Norwood, Ontario, who has been living with Type-1 diabetes for the past three years, after recently being admitted to hospital with life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis (dangerously high levels of blood sugar). In September, 10-year-old Sophia Daugherty died in Pennsylvania after suffering hypoglycemia (dangerously low levels of blood sugar). Type-1 diabetes is currently a lifetime sentence of maintaining healthy blood glucose levels, with imbalance causing potentially tragic results. (Photo: Partington family)

‘Cuisine for a Cure’ seeks to end tragic reality of children living with Type-1...

November 9th fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation takes place at The Venue in Peterborough.
James Birrell with his sister Rebecca, who wasn't quite 10 years old when James died from neuroblastoma in 2001. Many young people who've lost a beloved brother or sister are at risk of serious depression or other mental health challenges; for Rebecca, depression first struck in her mid-teens. Some of the funds raised by the 10th Annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 5 will support research at the University of British Columbia into the emotional and psychological effects on siblings of children with neuroblastoma. (Photo: The Birrell family)

Investigating the emotional impact of neuroblastoma on siblings

Funds raised by James Fund Golf Classic on June 5 to help fund new research.
Proceeds from the Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 5 will support the James Fund Neuroblastoma Family Retreat which, for the past 10 years, has given families living under the shadow of neuroblastoma the opportunity to spend a weekend together in the calm of the outdoors, where they find mutual support, solidarity, and solace. (Photo: Chris Bumstead / Jennifer Gillespie)

Family support at the core of the Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic

SickKids neuroblastoma researcher and clinician Dr. Meredith Irwin shares her unique perspective.
Kristian's son Eli with a McDonald's employee volunteering at McHappy Day in May to raise funds for the 9th Annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic, which takes place on Monday, June 6 at Kawartha Golf and Country Club in Peterborough (photo: Kristian Partington)

A community comes together to support children with neuroblastoma and their families

Thousands of dollars already raised in advance of Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 6
Eric Petersiel playing guitar with his daughter Lilah, a neuroblastoma survivor, at the annual James Fund Neuroblastoma Family Retreat. The 9th annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 6 raises funds to support families attending the retreat, where kids with neuroblastoma can play at camp and their families can come together to share their struggles. (Photo: Kristian Partington)

Sharing memories and inspiring hope at the James Fund Neuroblastoma Family Retreat

9th Annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 6 raises funds to support families living with the childhood cancer.
Candice Ward, with her husband Steve and son Jake (who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at six months old), speaks at the evening reception during the Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 1st. Guests heard firsthand just how much it means for a family facing this dreaded disease to know they aren't alone.

A ray of hope for families facing neuroblastoma

Silent auction items like Rare Grill House dinner help Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic raise $40,000.
Diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was an infant, Jake Ward received a battery of radiation and chemo treatments over the next year that wiped out his immune system, leaving him vulnerable to infection. After he started nursery school last fall at the age of two, Jake spent two weeks in the hospital when he was exposed to chicken pox, a potentially fatal disease for children with compromised immune systems.

Nursery school presents special challenge for toddler with neuroblastoma

Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic on June 1 will raise funds for Jake and his family to attend fall retreat.
Nine-year-old Milli MacDonald is just one of many neuroblastoma survivors who enjoy the James Fund Family Retreat with their families. The retreat is made possible through funds raised by the annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic. (Photo courtesy of Janine MacDonald).

Building a network of hope under the cloud of neuroblastoma

Family retreat funded through annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic.
Georgia Whyte, a neuroblastoma survivor, with her uncle Shawn are regular faces at The Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic, which honours the families who are living with neuroblastoma and raises money to help them through hardship (photo: Nicole Zinn, Glimpse Imaging)

Honouring the resilience of family at the Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic

Annual tournament on June 2 offers inspiration to participants.
Jennifer Gillespie, her husband Chris Bumstead, and their children Breanna and Trevor make up one of many families that are thankful for the ongoing support of the Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic (photo: Jennifer Gillespie, Once Upon a Time...Photography)

James Fund Neuroblastoma Family Retreat

Celebrating the 6th annual Nexicom James Fund Golf Classic and the hope it can inspire.

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